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Dogtown Books Has This -Beer New England Book

I was thinking that the boys down at Cape Ann Brewing would love to have this.  There are many out of print books at Dogtown Book Store.  Swing by and check it out.  I bet you find something you like.  Just like I found that book of Edward Hopper paintings.

If  Bob doesn’t have a hard to get book, he will try to locate a copy for you.  That’s the kind of service you get at small town shops like Dogtown Book Store and others in Downtown Gloucester that you would never get at a mall.

You get shop keepers who care.  They give a shit.  They aren’t employees at a mall store punching a clock.  They go the extra mile.  It’s just another reason Gloucester Rocks!  I just love our Downtown.

Dogtown Books Has This -Beer New England Book, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Spanx? Seriously?

I wanna know who the marketing genius was behind the branding of this “Power Panties” line carried at Seasons On Main.

How do you suppose that board meeting went with the advertising executives?

I say it went something like this-

Ad exec #1- “I’m having a hard time coming up with a name for our new “Power Panties” line, what do you guys think?”

Ad exec #2 “How bout we put a black chick, a white chick, and an asian chick on the cover of the box topless and call them “SPANX”?

Ad exec #1-“Fucking Brilliant!  Lets go with it!”

Spanx? Seriously?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

North Face Apparel At Seasons On Main St

Where The Locals Go

While passing out Downtown Block Party flyers yesterday I happened to stop by Seasons On Main Street. What I didn’t realize was some of the different lines that she carries there. One major brand that you all might recognize is North Face.

Seasons On Main offers two pretty valuable Where The Locals Go coupon book coupons. One is for 20% off any single full priced item. Another coupon is for 25% off any three full priced items. That’s pretty significant savings for buying a $10 Where The Locals Go Coupon book that is filled with hundreds of other money saving coupons.