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Right Out of the Blue: Architectural Character Downtown Gloucester


Inspired by Nelson’s fairly recent coat of blue, downtown Gloucester caught between the blues and the deep blue sea

blue architectural downtown1a







Nelson’s before (prior to blue)

For green details downtown and Manny’s post for Be Sargent’s 1996 Judith Sargent Street Mural 

Cameron’s Building Boarded Up and Marked Unsafe

The large white “X” — typically painted on a red background and placed on the front or roof of a building — serves as a clear warning for firefighters throughout the state that a building is unsafe.  Also not Good for Downtown Businesses on Main Street.

Link to Sign Meaning


Lobster trap buoy tree KIDS BUOY painting all week

Cat Ryan submits-

Hi Joey-
Cool interactive gateway this year on Cape Ann Art Haven lobster trap design! Great photo op for everybody.

If we ever have buoy overflow –or enough requests and funding– wouldn’t it be great to hang the buoys with the wreaths downtown?  We used to have gold buoys with the wreaths.

The wreaths at the train station and along Railroad Avenue look wonderful this year with the new sidewalk.


Cameron’s a Historical Watering Hole sold for $975,000

Cameron’s once a very popular Restaurant, and a great hang out place was sold to non profit organizations Action Inc. and North Shore Community Development Coalition for $975,000.  What will happen to the famous Cameron’s Sign?

IMG_3020 Stitch

New Year’s Eve for Fred

For the past several years, I celebrated the New Year quietly, usually with dinner at home and early to bed. And that’s what I like now. We’ll be closed New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Insider Tip: If you like to buy wine at the Cave, do it now. They have great wine at reasonable prices, and you can score some cheese while you’re there. Their seasonal retail beer and wine license expires on 1/1/2015. Laura’s shop is a great resource on my block, and for all of Main Street. Please remember to support the Cave and all of the unique retailers downtown over the winter. Photo taken in the Cave.Cave5185wm

GloucesterCast 109- With A Full House Of GMG Characters Taped 12/21/14


GloucesterCast 109- With A Full House Of GMG Characters Taped 12/21/14

Topics Include: 9 GMG Peeps In The House- Peter Lovasco, Mrs Grumpypants Kim Smith, Alicia DeWolfe, Premenstrual Donna Arizzoni, Fresh Off The Stripper Pole Melissa Cox, Bill Cox, Frank Ciolino and Mr Effervescent Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro. The GMG Holiday Party Recap, Taking a Cab, Thanks To Kathleen Erikson and Matt Beach for The Prosecco and Meat Plate, Kay Ellis Cucumber, Toby’s Chowder, Felicia’s Incredible Treats, Thanks To Fred Bodin, Re-carpeting Fred Bodin’s Back Room, The Winner of Sista Felicia’s Cookbook from Week 5 Subscriber contest Katherine Donlon, Week Six Gloucestercast Podcast New Subscriber Contest Prize Donated By Donna Ardizzoni is A Cape Pond Ice Coffee Mug Subscribe Here For a Chance To Win, The Rocky Neck Polar Plunge, Bring Dry Good Food For Donations To Be Collected At The Polar Plunge for Open Door, Peter Lovasco and Donna Ardizzoni and Melissa Cox all Pinky Swear During the Podcast To Do The Rocky Neck Polar Plunge, Christmas Eve Forecast From GMG Weatherman Pete, Downtown Gloucester Looked Like A Scene Out Of A Dickens Novel Saturday Morning, Gloucester’s DES Club, Fosters From Gloucester Now A Shell Station Which Means You Can Now Use Your Stop and Shop Card To Get HUGE Savings on Gas, Do Locals Go To Beauport The Sleeper-McCann House?, Cape Ann Museum Free To Gloucester Residents All Month Long in January, Hammond Castle, Pete Wonders About Beach Restoration At Good Harbor Beach, Harvesting Salt Hay and WPA Salt Water Marsh Depression Project, Wrapping Christmas Presents- That First Package vs That Last Package, Pinoli VIP Night and Review- Joey and Kim Disagree On The Pinoli Renovation, Melissa Cox Is Moving, Burnham’s Field Is A Total Destination Now, Relay For Life At Burnham’s Field This Year, Weatherman Pete- Oblivious To All Things GMG Except Weatherman Pete Stuff, Joey C, frank Ciolino and Donna Ardizzoni In the Relay For Life Dunk Tank, Fort Square Cafe, Georges Coffee Shop, Two Sisters Hash, Pinoli Open For Brunch Starting In January, Foreign Affairs Of Joey C’s Top 5 Restaurants North Of Boston, Blue Ox, Lone Gull, The Brewery, Rusty Shatford, Windward Grille, Azorean Steak Tips and Affordable Martinis, Breaking Nonnis Restauarant News- Top Secret and Joey C Wish For Willow Rest II, Kick You In The Cajones Cafe El Aguila Coffee from Toby, Glosta Joes Coffee Still Available At Paulines Gift Shop,  Alicia DeWolfe, Myron Lepine, and Laurie Lufkin In Cape Ann Magazine For Cooking Competitions, Thankful For Friendships, Donna Plugs Cape Pond Ice

podcasticon1GMG Podcast #109 Joey, Toby, Pete, Frank, Melissa, Bill. Alicia, Donna _Kim Smith 2014 Joey, Donna, Frank _Kim Smith 2014Donna Ardizzoni Donated A Cape Pond Ice Mug for  This Week’s New GloucesterCast Subscriber Contest.  One Of The First Ten New Subscribers Will Win the Mug to Be picked Up Here At The Dock. Subscribe Here For a Chance To Win

“All You Need is Love…”

JanetGingerFred5400 CarolynKirkGinger5376wm

I could show you how big the crowds were at my gallery for the Good Morning Gloucester Holiday Party, but that’s not what it’s all about. Instead, here’s me kissing my beloved Janet, and the to die for cute puppy, Ginger. Ginger apparently made another friend, Carolyn KIrk, the Mayor of the City of Gloucester. Especially at this celebratory time of year, and with our world’s current conflicts, “That’s it, and that’s all there is, Love.” Fred

Time to Put on Your Party Boots!

Put your party boots on and come on down to Bodin Historic Photo at 82 Main Street, Gloucester. Meet the photographers and writers who make Good Morning Gloucester what it is today. This event is open to all. Trust me, it’s the party of the year.


Bodin Historic Open for Ladies’ Night

LadiesNight3932wmWe’ll be open for Ladies’ Night (tonight) from 5pm until about 9pm, with apps and refreshments. Also, we’re fully loaded with all sizes of Fish City and In Cod We Trust tee-shirts. Although I ordered 80 pounds (a lot) of shirts, they’ll go fast – so come in soon. Pictured below are gallery artist Laureen Maher, Santa, and Janet at last year’s Ladies’ Night. 82 Main Street.

White Friday

WhiteFriday5264wmWhite Friday November 28th, 11am on Main Street, Gloucester. By 1pm the sun peeked out, and foot traffic is picking up. BTW, my “Fish City” and “In Cod We Trust” t-shirts are in stock, and color choices are blue or blue.


OK, If You haven’t taken part of this one you’re just plum crazy.  If you go to Toodeloos between 6 and 8am on Friday you save 30% off anything you buy and then the later you go in the day the savings decrease.  But 30% is HUGE!

FROM 6AM Many Discounts & Specials offered all day long!

Kick off (or finish!) your holiday shopping in Downtown Gloucester
in a family- friendly and festive atmosphere.
Discounts during the day-
6AM-8AM   30% off storewide.
8AM-10AM 25% off, and 10AM-close 20% off!!!


You are the Balloon

BalloonEscape5149wm BalloonEscape5151wmImagine: You are the Balloon. Going thru your life, you are free and intact, but now you’re about to be squashed by a motor vehicle. I guess you just never know.

Fate has intervened Balloon, and now you think you’ve beaten the odds and are in the clear. You are…until the next car comes along.

Gallery as Venue for Community Events

Boucher5037wmI’ve hosted a few community gallery events over the past 15 years. Political “Meet and Greets” are interesting and fun. The reelection of Bruce Tarr for State Senate was my first such event, then Bob Whitmarsh for City Council, and recently Mike Boucher for State Representative (accompanying photo). There is no charge to the candidate or visitor for the 2 to 4 hour event. The candidates or incumbents bring signs, literature, food and refreshments. And they take it all away when it’s over. My criteria for selection is this: You have only to ask me.

I have also hosted a wedding reception, and the final meeting with the Mass Cultural Council to grant Gloucester’s Harbortown Cultural District. I’ve been told that this community meeting was instrumental in receiving our designation. I’ve invited food and wine vendors share free samples, as well as restaurants. My next public event is seArts holding a mural “unveiling” on Saturday, November 8. The reception runs from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. The mural honors Gloucester artist Tricia O’Neill’s, artwork and  honors the subject, famed Gloucester writer Vincent Ferrini. It is on the side of Palazola’s sporting goods facing Porter Street. The public is invited.

Another Great Block Party!

StClairFoodwm BlockParty4804wmOur final Block Party of 2014 was a great success. As usual, the gallery was too busy for me to walk the street to take pictures. This time, I had the energy to enjoy the event, especially the people. A large cheese platter was generously provided by The Cave, our neighbor at 44 Main Street (http://www.thecavegloucester.com/). Key Block Party folks visited me, including Susan Parent (L) of Toodeloos (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Toodeloos/388111807754) and Block Party organizer Valerie Marcley (R). That’s me in the middle!

Dinners Downtown and on Rocky Neck – Favorite Views and Chews

Saturday treat after working the gallery all day: We sat on the outdoor deck at the Seaport Grille. Since my appetite ain't what is used to be, Janet and I split a Wedge Salad. It's always a meal deal – "Wedge of Iceberg, topped with homemade bleu cheese dressing, smoked bacon, bleu cheese and grape tomatoes $11."

Saturday treat after working the gallery all day: We sat on the outdoor deck at the Seaport Grille. Since my appetite ain’t what is used to be, Janet and I split a Wedge Salad. It’s always a meal deal – “Wedge of Iceberg, topped with homemade bleu cheese dressing, smoked bacon, bleu cheese and grape tomatoes $11.”

Sunday on the deck at the Studio Restaurant on Rocky Neck: We met our friends Sheila and Malva for a meal and drinks. Homie, one huge seagull, checked out the fare on the customers' plates. He left a big tip on the way out!

Sunday on the deck at the Studio Restaurant on Rocky Neck: We met our friends Sheila and Malva for a meal and drinks. Homie, one huge seagull, checked out the fare on the customers’ plates. He left a big tip on the way out!

We’re so lucky to live here.

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