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St. Patrick’s Day Celabration At The Dory Shop Photos from Anthony Marks

Video- Building The New Grand Banks Dories With Geno Mondello, Sunken Schooner Esperanto Salvaged Ships Bell

This Morning (Saturday June 5th) The International Dory Race Eliminations are being held at Niles Beach.  They start at 8:30AM.

Besides being a fantastic event, it may be your last opportunity to wish Jimmy T well before he shoves off as a “fish inspector” down in the Gulf.;)

Here’s video taken just this week of the new Grand Banks Dories being built for the International Dory Group here in Gloucester.  They are adding 3 more dories to the many dories that you are able to use for a simple $50 yearly fee.

There’s also a huge bell in this video which was salvaged from the Schooner Esperanto which you may find interesting.

Schooner Esperanto

From The Website of Tom Welch which has much more information here

Gloucester Fishing Schooner, “Esperanto”, 1920

Captain “Marty” Welch

The schooner Esperanto was designed by Tom McManus of Boston, built by Tarr and James Shipbuilders of Essex, Massachusetts, and launched on June 27, 1906. Esperanto was 107 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 11 feet deep. Esperanto’s gross weight was 140 tons, and her net weight was 91 tons. She was named for the international language of Esperanto, which means literally “the hoping one”.

Despite the highly dangerous nature of fishing in the north Atlantic from sailing vessels, and the terrible death toll that resulted, there was only one life lost on Esperanto. On 17 March 1916, crewman John Burnham of Gloucester was knocked overboard by the main boom, and drowned.

On May 30, 1921, just months after winning the International Fisherman’s Schooner Race in Halifax, Esperanto struck the submerged wreck of the “S. S. State of Virginia” off Sable Island, and sank. The crew manned Esperanto’s dories and rowed away, and were eventually rescued. The skipper on that trip was Capt. Tom Benham. Isaiah Gosbee, the cook from the 1920 races, was among those aboard Esperanto that day.

Attempts were made to salvage Esperanto, and she was actually raised by pontoons several times, but each time she slipped beneath the waves again. After a month of attempts, the efforts to raise her had caused such damage that the salvage operation was reluctantly halted.


New Race Dory Ready To Rock and new Dory Being Built

Three new Race Dories were commissioned by the International Dory Race Committee.  here is a finished one and below another under construction in Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center.






Mondello Boys Slide Show Featuring Joe, Pete and Geno

Entering tags on each photo I upload to flickr is sometimes a painstaking process but when you think about the sheer number of photos taken (say 100,000 or more) there would be absolutely no way to ever locate a particular photo without going through all 100,000 photos unless you have each one tagged with an identifying name.

It is through this tagging system that I can locate and isolate certain photos. It may be painstaking but the archive of photos from Gloucester and of my family that I can access with a few clicks of the keyboard are pretty remarkable.

Click the Picture for the Mondello Boys Gloucester Waterfront Slideshow

Click the picture for the Mondello Boys Slide Show

Dory Raffle Last Night At The Heritage Center

Last night the Dory Raffle was held at The Maritime Heritage Center.  The International Dory Rowers Organization is full of very committed and friendly people who volunteer time and energy to continuing this great Gloucester tradition.

One of the best things about this group is their commitment to bringing regular folks who might otherwise not have any real connection or financial way to get out on Gloucester Harbor a way to really feel connected to it.

I know I’ve said it a million times but for a measly $50 you get to use the boats all year long.  It’s the best bang for your buck in the the whole city.

Katherine Richmond conceived the idea to have an authentic handline dory built and to sell raffle tickets which would help pay for some of the costs to keep this tradition alive.  Geno Mondello donated his time to build the dory.

A FOB, Brian the creator of the Brooklyn Blog A Movable Bridge drove all the way from Brooklyn yesterday to be on hand for the raffle in which he was sure he was going to win.

Great Gloucester People Doing Great Gloucester Things.

I have about four clips from last night which I’m in the process of uploading.

For now you can check out this video which was taken this past winter of Geno building the dory-

Click The Picture To View The Video-

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1902619&dest=-1]

Here is the completed Dory-

Beautiful Industry- Dory Plug

These plugs went into the bottom of the dories that Grand Banks Dory Fishermen used back in the old days.    They were used to drain water from the dories once they were brought back aboard the schooners. But they also served another purpose.  Geno tells me that the loop that comes off the bottom was used in case the dory flipped over in the ocean.  Capsized, there would be nothing for the dory fisherman to hold on to once the dory was upside down.  So that loop which would be through the bottom of the boat would be used for  the  capsized fisherman to pull himself  onto the upside down boat in the water.

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop Whirlygigs

Geno sells these for $55.  A bargain for something hand crafted, painted, and local.  It’s even painted the official colors of the Lunenberg/Gloucester Dorys. There was one left last week so hurry down and get it!  Look for the last part of the Geno Mondello interviews coming tonight.

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop-The Knees Of The Dory

Inside the dory the knees are placed as a frame.  It is interesting to note as Geno told me in the first part of our video interview that the knees are made from the tree trunk.  The tree trunk has a natural bend when it enters the earth which lends strength to where the curve is going to be on the inside of the boat.

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop

Here’s Geno working away in the Dory shop.  I wonder if he considers it work when you do something you obviously love.  I’ll have to ask him next time I see him.

Look for the first part of our interview today at 2:00PM

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop

I stopped by Geno’s Dory Shop at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center yesterday.  Geno is currently working on a 17 foot hand line dory which will be auctioned off to benefit the Gloucester International Dory Race Organization.  The money raised through the raffle will be used to build more dorys.  Last year there were four dories and by the end of this year there will be eight.  The sport is just taking off thanks to the likes of Jimmy Tarantino, Glen Harrington, Katherine Richmond, Skip Levielle, and Kirk Dombrowski along with many other volunteers..

Look for my three part video series with Geno starting tomorrow which talks about the origins of dory racing, different types of dorys and how they are built and other surprises.

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.