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Dory Racing Season Begins This Saturday!


Elimination races to qualify to represent the US against Canada in the International Dory Races will take place this Saturday June 8th, 9:00 AM at Niles Beach in East Gloucester.  Racing teams must sign up Friday night 6:00 PM at St. Peter’s Square in Gloucester or email me before the 6:00 PM sign-ups to register (must be a member to compete).  We are hoping many teams will compete for the titles of Junior (men 18 and younger), Mixed Doubles (1 man/1 woman), Women (2 women), Masters (men over 40), and Men Open.  If you have never seen the dory races, please come down and check it out.  The last few years we have had very competitive races and some photo finishes.  If you are a former competitor and not racing, we could use some help timing, starting races and coordinating on the beach so please let me know if you can help out.

Best of luck to all competitors!



IDRC Race Day


The International Dory Races will be held this Saturday June 24th in the North Chanel of Gloucester’s inner harbor (best seen from Jodrey State Fish Pier) at 10 AM.  Teams from the US will compete against teams from Canada in 5 divisions: Mixed Doubles, Junior Men, Women, Master, and Men Open.  The event will be preceded by a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser at the Head of the Harbor Park (at the end of the North Chanel) starting at 8 AM to support our organization.  Please join us on this exciting day of competition and camaraderie on the waterfront in Gloucester .

Other dates/times to remember.

Thursday Night Canadian Reception at St. Peter’s Club 6:30 PM

Saturday Afternoon Awards Banquet at Maritime Heritage Center 1 PM

If you have time to help, we are looking for a few volunteers to help with the Pancake breakfast and the Awards banquet…let me know!

See you there,

Erik Dombrowski

International Dory Race Eliminations This Saturday At Niles Beach

What is always fun to watch and a great way to spend a morning this Saturday The International Dory Races will hold elimination races starting at 8:30AM at Niles Beach. Don’t worry if you don’t show up right at 8:30 there will be a decent amount of the morning to catch the exciting action from the beach. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- here is the recipe for a fantastic morning.

Grab the kids- stop by Last Stop Variety- grab a coffee and chocolate chip/blueberry muffin and head down to Niles for the races. It’s a true Gloucester tradition and a fun way to spend time with the family. You can join in the fun for only $50 a year and use the dories which are tied up at St Peter’s Marina in Harbor Cove.

click for expanded schedule-


Click here for pictures of what you can expect to see including Jimmy T proclaiming himself the Worlds Greatest Grand Banks Dory Rower

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2221738&dest=-1]
From Jimmy T-
Dory rowers wanted. The more the merrier. Compete in the elimination races to determine who will represent the U.S. vs. Canada in the International Dory Races on June 19th, 2010.

If you don’t have a dorymate come anyway and possibly hook-up with another rower for the races. You could end up winning…stranger things have happened. We particularly need women rowers but are looking for rowers for all Divisions.

Friday night, June 4th, 6 p.m. at St. Peter’s Square.

Joe Sanfilippo and Marc Duvall Get In Some Early Season Dory Race Training

Cold?  Check

Drizzly?  Check

Foggy?  Check

These guys don’t care.  They are competitors and this year they want to win it all.  To all of the rest of the Dory crews don’t say you haven’t been warned!  If you are sitting at the computer reading this you are not training and Marc and Joe will be eating your lunch come race day!

2009- The Year We Bring Dory Rowing To The Masses

Enough Is Enough!!!!!!

I’m dedicating this year to educating the masses of how awesome and accessible Dory Racing and rowing are to everyone.   There simply is no better deal around to get you onto Gloucester Harbor, get exersize, feel like a part of a great Gloucester tradition than rowing.

From the Gloucester International Dory website-


Membership is $50 for 1 year, and runs January to January. Membership includes use of committee dories, loaner equipment, and race and committee event invitations. To become a member, download the membership form here.

All year long you will see Dory Racing news, race results,pictures and video here.  I want people to get it, to see just how easy it is to get on Gloucester Harbor for a measly $50.

Get involved, it’s a blast.  Learn more at the Gloucester International Dory Website by clicking this text

To View The Dory Slide Show Click The Picture Below

The Greatest Present For The Money Period.

I’m going to tell you the very best way you could spend $50 for a present.

Read on and find out how a mere $50 could give a gift of hundreds if not thousands of hours of enjoyment, fitness, open air excitement on Gloucester Harbor and a boat slip.

$50, seriously.  $50.


For $50 you can buy someone you care about a yearlong membership to the Gloucester International Dory Goup.

What does it get you?

Membership is $50 for 1 year, and runs January to January. Membership includes use of committee dories, loaner equipment, and race and committee event invitations. To become a member, download the membership form here.

All year long the person you give this gift to can go down to Saint Peter’s Marina, hop on a dory and cruise around Gloucester Harbor.  Damon Cummings rows just about every day.  $50

It’s not just for buff 20 year olds.  There are kids, seniors, men , and women participating and they all have a blast.

A boat slip would cost you at the very last twenty times that.  To buy your own dory (even a used one) you are talking about 20 times that.  You don’t even have to maintain the boats (although you’d probably want to help out)  but there are plenty of folks to pitch in to keep them maintained.

Then there is the incredible tradition of The International Dory Races, that you could be a part of.  A real conection to Gloucester Harbor which others pay way more for. 

So there it is.  I told you what to do.  What are you waiting for?  Here’s the link to get you started- http://www.internationaldories.com/memberships.html

Or email Jimmy Tarantino at james.tarantino@noaa.gov 

Tell em Joey sent ya.

Click here for Cathy Tarr’s Dory racing Slide Show To Get an idea of how much fun you can provide in a gift for $50

International Dory Races Eliminations Results From Jimmy T

Here’s the Junior Dory Crew Kyle Edmonds and Joe Ciolino (Joe Ciolino is the son of our very own contributor and sticker magnet maker- Frank Ciolino) that will be representing Gloucester vs the Canadians in Lunenburg for the Canadian portion of the International Dory Races. I didn’t realize that they raced in Gloucester and in Lunenburg every year. I thought they alternated Gloucester one year and Lunenburg the next but in fact they race in each port every year.

International Dory Races Eliminations 8/23/08, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

As always, the American elimination races to determine who will
represent us in Canada produced some controversy, some excitement and
some great races.
The first race of the day, in the Junior Division, featured Joe Harmon
and Ben Favazza, Randy Parisi and L.J. Robertson, and Joe Ciolino and
Kyle Edmonds. The older, stronger crews got out to an early lead. Harmon
and Favazza lost their course and forced Parisi and Robertson off their
course. Ciolino and Edmonds were undaunted and held their course like
experienced veterans. By the time Harmon/Favazza and Parisi/Robertson
were halfway to the turning flags they were completely out of the race
course, they collided and did not resume rowing. Ciolino and Edmonds
took advantage of the other crews misfortune and went on to win the race
and the right to represent their country in Nova Scotia.

The Women crew of experienced champion Katherine Richmond and strong
new-comer Samantha Rose rowed unopposed and showed fine form and had a
very competitive time.

The Masters Division had the largest turn out and had to have 2 heats.
In the first heat, reigning champions Joe Sanfilippo and Mark Duval were
pushed by the powerful tandems of Dave Quinn and Jim Tarantino and
legendary rowers Jack Sultan and Mike Cody. But as always a perfect
course and turn put Duval and Sanfilippo ahead for keeps and into the
final on Monday night. In the 2nd Masters heat, John Scola and Mike
Harmon used a power stroke to defeat the quicker stroke of veteran Ed
Parnell and Charlie Mullen. In the final Monday night, Harmon and Scola
decided to attach Duval and Sanfillippo with a fast stroke to compensate
for a recurring sinus affection suffered by Scola. It was a mistake. The
long smooth stroke of the Masters Champs gave them a decisive victory

Next came the Mixed Doubles Division. Katherine Richmond took advantage
of her new partners inexperience by hooking up with the Mighty Jimmy T.
as her dorymate. Samantha Rose teamed up with Mike Harmon who had just
completed his Masters race. There was no quarter given, despite it was
the first time in the boat together for Rose and Harmon, who had just
exhausted himself winning his elimination. Richmond and Tarantino won
handily. Rumor is Tarantino had a chip on his shoulder after being
soundly defeated by the Canadian Mixed Doubles duo of Trevor Swim and
Nicole Jones. “I’m out for revenge!” Tarantino said after the race. “I
haven’t had a good night’s sleep since Trevor and Nicole beat me!” he
growled, with a crazy Manson-like stare!

The Open class was the heated battle of the day. Incumbent champions
Erik Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington had a war with Jerry Ciaramataro
and his young strong new partner Mike Lovasco. Geoff Thomas and Billy
Edmonds had some technical difficulties and quickly fell behind in the
heat. All the way out and back the Committee boat reported mixed lead
changes between Harrington/Dombrowski and Ciaramataro/Lovasco. With just
a quarter mile to go the experienced champs started to pull away and
eventually got the win by just about a boat length. However, due to
buisiness obligations, Harrington and Dombrowski are unable to make the
trip to Canada so the U.S. will most likely be represented by
Ciaramataro and Lovasco in the Open Class.

It appears most of the American entourage will be leaving on the
Wedensday ferry out of Bar Harbor. Anyone interested in making the trip
please contact me for further information.

James A. Tarantino, President
International Dory Race Committee

Damon- International Dory Races Eliminations 8/23/08

Damon scouts the flags for the International Dory Race Eliminations.  He is trying to determine what color flags are in each lane so he could relay the information to the crews on the beach.

International Dory Races- Setting Up The Dory

International Dory Races- Setting Up The Dory, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Come down Saturday Morning 9:30AM to the State Fish Pier to watch The Gloucester crews face off against their Canadian counterparts in the International Dory Races.


Elimination Dory Race Results From Jimmy T

Elimination Races

With the exception of a stubborn fog that didn’t lift until 10 a.m., the
elimination races to determine who will compete against the Canadians in
two weeks went off at Niles Beach this past Saturday smoothly. Committee
members and rowers alike were patient and rewarded with a beautiful day.

In the junior race, Kyle Edmonds and Joe Ciolino showed poise under
pressure. Their stroke was in perfect sync and their course true.
Unfortunately they faced the older and stronger crew of Randy Parisi and
Kyle Lucido. Randy and Kyle had a near perfect course and beat the
younger crew handily. They will go on to face a pair of youngsters from
Prince Edward Island in the North Channel in two weeks.

In the Women’s race, Katherine Richmond and Laurie King won the right to
represent the U.S. by beating Laurel Tarantino and Renee Ludwick by a
substantial margin. Laurel and Renee rowed extremely well considering it
was there first race as a team, but the training and experience of
Katherine and Laurie was overwhelming.

Mark Duval and Joe Sanfilippo successfully defended their title in the
Masters class. Jim Tarantino and Dave Quinn powered out to an early lead
with Lenny Billante and Jay Prince hot on their heels. Mike Harmon made
an impressive showing, with new-comer Mark Harmon (Mike’s cousin)
working hard to keep the pace of the other more experienced crews. Duval
and Sanfilippo outclassed the field with a superior turn and smooth
stroke to pull away for the win.

The Open class had two winners who will face off tonight at Niles Beach
(6 p.m.) in a final race that has every indication of being a dogfight!
Jerry Ciamarataro and Ray D’Amico showed Championship form, defeating
the strong crews of Chris and Vito Giacalone (brothers) and Nick and Joe
Giacalone (nephew and uncle).
Erik Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington motored out to an early lead and
never looked back, to defeat the powerful tandem of Geoff Thomas and
Jeff Muise.

In the final race of the day, the Mixed Doubles, Laurel Tarantino used a
long power stroke to pull her husband Jim to a narrow victory over the
strong crews of Geoff Thomas and Molly Griffin, and Vito Giacalone and
Lia DeLovely.

As usual, the day was ended with friendship and comraderie at a
most-excellent pool party hosted by the Thomas family!

Thanks to all the rowers and members who came and supported them!

All members and friends are invited to the reception for the Canadian
entourage, Thursday, June 19th at the St. Peter’s Club, 6 p.m.
All members and friends are invited to the International Dory Races,
June 21st, 8 a.m. in the North Channel of Gloucester Harbor
House following the International Races.

Skip Levielle, Kenny Joyce, Damon Cummings, Jack Alexander, Hillary
Frye, Marge Robertson, Ralph Martin and crew, Sue and Lisa Thomas

James A. Tarantino, President
International Dory Race Committee

For anyone interested in a T Shirt or how you can get involved there are downloadable sign p forms and contact info here-


Dory Races t Shirt

Row Hard – No Excuses Trailer

Just in time for the International Dory Races this weekend Row Hard- No Excuses, a Sundance Film Festival selected film will be shown at The Essex Shipbuilding Museum.

After going to see the movie tonight head to Niles Beach at 8:30AM Saturday morning for the International Dory Race Eliminations.