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Dory Race elimination results, Niles Beach 5/31/2014



Here are results if you do not have them yet,


At Niles Beach this morning, 5/31/14

Mixed Doubles

1. Jimmy and Laurel Tarantino

2. Elin DiAngelo and Mike Frontiera


1. Bye  –  Thomas Beaton and Tyler Edmonds


1. Bye –  Amanda Palazzola and Lindsey Rogers

Over 50 (wish it were over 75 🙂

1. Lenny Billante and Jay Prince

2. Jeff Muise and Tom Conrad

3. Alex Thomas and Donny Favaloro

Seniors (Open) Two heats, runoff Monday

First Heat

1. Rob Morrissey and Joe Cominelli

2. Jimmy Tarantino and Tom Jarvis

3. Joe Sanfillipo and Mark Duval

4. Mike Harmon and John Scola

Second Heat

1. Mike Mitchell and Vito Giacalone

2. Nick and Chris Giacalone

3. Dylan and Alan Morrissey

4. Jerry Ciaramitaro and Billy Edmonds