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Jon Butcher on The Noise Cover & TV This week – here’s a preview video

I’m guessing nearly every music lover in Gloucester is as thrilled about Jon Butcher’s decision to move here as they are about T-Max’s doing the same a couple of years ago.  This week Gloucester celebrates Jon’s choice in two big ways: Jon’s on the cover of the February Noise Magazine, which should hit the streets tomorrow.  And he’s also Allen Estes’ guest on Local Music Seen, which you can see tomorrow at 6:30 on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  Here’s one of Jon’s songs from the show.  Love his version of the blues!

BTW: You can see Allen tonight at Jalapenos 7pm with Brown, Mattacks & Ginandes (early enough the bring the kids).  And if Jon is in the audience, it’s a good bet that Allen will ask him to sit in.  Then check out Steve Caraway at Dog Bar and finish up with Henley Douglas Jr. at Rhumb Line.  Not bad for a Tuesday night in the middle of winter!  See full live music schedule here.

2 chances this weekend to be offended by somebody other than our boy Joey

Our boy Joey needs a break.

Between non PC humor and MFers dying, it should be clear that we’re heaping way too much stress on him during his vacation.

Really, folks, we all need to find someone else to complain about — and we need someone else’s sarcasm to soar right over our heads while we’re complaining.

Inge Berge to the rescue.  According to The Noise magazine, Inge’s music is “Odd, adventurous and compelling.”

Plus you get the added value that Inge’s sarcastic wit is wrapped in catchy pop tunes you’ll be singing all weekend.  Just don’t sing the lyrics to your mother-in-law.

You’ve got two chances to see Inge this weekend (tomorrow @ Dog Bar and Sunday @ Rhumb Line)  See this weekend’s complete live music schedule here.

The best way to get your fill of sarcasm+bitching-about-sarcasm is to request some of Inge’s most witty and sarcastic songs and then complain about how you’re offended by them.  Here are a few choice examples:

More Inge Berge videos here, including an inside look at the making of Shit Under Your Shoes.


Kid-Friendly-Music Wave Continues & 3 music videos

Honky Tonk WOmen of Gloucester-1Weather forecasters call it a heatwave around here when it’s over 90 °F (32.2 °C) for three days in a row.

For the past 3 days, we’ve had good music starting early enough to take the kids out, so I’m declaring it a kid-friendly-music wave.

Tonight you can take the kids to see the Honky Tonk Women of Gloucester at Seaport Grille as early as 6pm.  And there’s plenty more later (see schedule here)  if you want to keep them up late, or you’ve got a sitter, or you don’t have kids.  One of our favorites, Pete Lindberg, is at the Dog Bar at 9.  Here’s a video of Pete at Celebrate Gloucester 2010:

And here’s an early 60’s heatwave classic to remind us where the inspiration for much of the music we love today comes from:

I missed Joan Osborne with Paula Cole @ Shalin Liu back in October.  Did she sing this?  She does an excellent version.  Check this out:

BREAKING NEWS: Last night’s open mic @ Dog Bar was so great that Steve Caraway will host every Tuesday

What a great week of music this has been and it’s only Wednesday!

Last night Steve Caraway struck up the open mic again at Dog Bar and by all accounts it was a HUGE SUCCESS!  So much so that he’s decided to host every week.  Way to go STEVE!

Before Steve began at Dog Bar, Allen Estes sat in Dan King’s seat at Jalapenos and rocked the house with Dave Brown, Dave Mattacks and Wolf Ginandes.  All were at the top of their game, especially DB, whose solos took us away!

And I just have to say that it is such a pleasure listening to Dave Mattacks, whose percussion is absolutely perfect for every song .  He is without a doubt one of the best drummers alive today.  These guys are so professional they were able to follow Allen on one of his brand new songs, having never heard it before — and it sounded as if they’d just come from rehearsal.  Aren’t we lucky to have people of this caliber on Main St., in Gloucester every Tuesday for FREE!  Next week J.B. Amero is in Dan King’s seat.  Oooohh, that’ll be HOT!

Excellent live music starts up again tonight at 7pm (early enough to take the kids).  See the schedule here.

It may be the dead of winter, but it’s not dead in Gloucester

A mighty fine week of live music is shaping up beginning with Allen Estes in Dan King’s seat with Brown, Mattacks & Ginandes at Jalapenos 7pm, followed by Steve Caraway’s open mic at Dog Bar at 9 and Henley Douglas at Rhumb Line at the same time.  You can get to all three excellent shows if you play your cards right.

Tomorrow, live music begins at 7 as well.  It’s nice to have live music that isn’t too late for kids.  And it’s good to get kids out to appreciate live music at a young age.

As the week progresses it becomes harder to get to every show, so you’re gonna have to choose.  See the live music lineup here and start thinking about the weekend.

In the meantime check out this video of Steve Caraway — oohh, don’t you love the sound of that twelve-string!

Bad Santa tomorrow @ Dog Bar

Now, this just looks like fun!


These guys from Orlando are on tour, so tomorrow night is probably your only chance to see them.  Here’s how local, Paul Diamond (whose band Diamond Dolls are opening the show) describes them:

They are called Bad Santa and The Angry Elves. A Christmas cover/mashup band in complete Ho Ho Ho attire. They are very entertaining as well as a well rehearsed band hailing from Orlando, and New York City.


Casting Call ~ Tuesday October 30th @ Dog Bar

Casting!: I’m filming a scene at the DogBar on TUESDAY OCTOBER 30TH. It takes place in a club/restaurant in the 1960’s and i need to fill the seats. Wardrobe is 1960’s dress. Nothing post 1960’s. Think MAD MEN. Women dolled up, men clean shaven. To submit, just send me a message on FB. Unable to provide compensation but you’ll be in my show and have a great time on set!!! Thanks everybody!!!
Jesse Christensen

OK, school started & it’s after Labor Day so you think the Summer festival season is over, right? Wrong!

This Saturday (9/8) is Noise Magazine 31st Anniversary Fete starring Preacher Jack, Willie Alexander and T Max @ the Dog Bar.

If you missed these guys back in the spring, you DO NOT want to miss this!  If you were there, you’ll want to go again.  These guys ROCK!

And don’t forget Rob Newton’s Cape Ann Community Cinema music/movie festival Fall into the Rhythm starts next Tuesday with La Cenerentola.  Check this out from the Opera in Cinema website: A Live Fairy Tale, a stunning new film-opera event from producer Andrea Andermann, has been called “A kaleidoscopic fairytale suspended between Mozart and Disney with a hint of noir” by La Repubblica. Watch as Rossini’s jubilant take on the story of Cinderella unfolds in real castles and ballrooms in Europe, and through lush, never-before-seen animation.  Starring Lena Belkina as Cenerentola.

It’s still summer folks, as you can see by the fact that we have six live music choices tonight.  Check the full live music schedule here.

38 artists at 21 venues this weekend. How do you choose?

No, you can’t see them all.  You’re just gonna have to pick your favorites.  We can help.  First, you can see a complete live music lineup here.  And if you’re not sure who you might like, you can  see 15 Artists of the week in over 75 videos too.

Here are a very few suggestions in various genres (this is NOT an exhaustive list of who you might enjoy — see that here)

If you’ve never seen rocker Ned and the Big Babies, you should  catch them tonight at the Rhumb Line.  You’ll be dancin’ — believe me.

If you missed The Runaround Sound high energy ska, reggae, punk-rock band at the Boulevard on July 3, you can catch them tonight at Capt Carlo’s and tomorrow at the Rhumb Line.   You’ll get a workout if you go to both shows, so no need to go to the gym this weekend.

If you like New Orleans Jazz & Blues and you missed Henri Smith opening for Aaron Neville on June 30, you can catch him at the Brew Pub on Saturday (see Henri Smith videos here)  Henri is also opening the Gloucester Blues Festival on August 11.

Also on Saturday is the latest in T Max’s concert series at the Dog Bar.  This time he mixes bluegrass from Tom Eaton & Pick 3 with singer/songwriter Jon Waterman and his own style that’s a must-see but impossible to peg.

On Sunday music begins at 10:30am at Seaward Inn in Rockport and continues all day with two free outdoor concerts: Michael O’Leary’s Celtic music at Halibut Point State Park at 2:30 and the Compaq Big Band at Stage Fort Park at 7pm.

Remember this a very small list of a few highlights.  Check all shows before you decide where to go.

Boston Latin Reggae comes to Gloucester tonight

Gloucester’s newest music venue Mile Marker One features one of Boston’s best Latin/Reggae bands Los Sugar Kings tonight at 7pm.  With just a little thinking ahead, you can schedule a perfect musical night starting at 5pm with Michael O’Leary and Friends aboard the Schooner Lannon, then on to Mile Marker One, then over to the Dog Bar at 9 to catch the Bandit Kings with Joe Wilkins.

If none of those artists tickles your fancy there are half a dozen others to choose from.  See the complete live music lineup here.

Does anyone have video of The Runaround on July 3?

The Runaround Sound July 3 2011

Well, I guess that’s what happens when a couple thousand people are transfixed by one of Gloucester’s best bands — NOBODY FILMS!  If you were on the Boulevard on July 3, and you shot some video, please leave a comment.  Better yet, make a YouTube account and upload the video and then put the YouTube link in your comment.

And in case you missed The Runaround at the Boulevard on July 3, you can catch them tonight at the Dog Bar.  Honestly, they are NOT TO BE MISSED!

But if you can’t get into the Dog Bar because it’s packed, check out over a dozen other excellent live music choices here.

Morphine Front Man in Gloucester with T Max & Deb Hardy next Saturday

Remember Morhpine?  Not the drug, the band, led by Mark Sandman, who died on stage of a heart attack in Italy in 1999.

Mark’s friends are carrying on and have started a music education project that does excellent work.  They’ve also got an excellent band fronted by Jeremy Lyons, who sounds enough like Mark Sandman that if you close your eyes, you just can’t tell the difference.  They were gracious enough to headline the first gimmesound GiveBack benefit for the Mark Sandman Music Project at TT’s in Cambridge (check out a very entertaining article about that concert — and Mark Sandman here).   See a video of Jeremy and his band below (Jeremy is at the end of the video)

And if bringing Jeremy to Gloucester isn’t enough, T Max, founder and editor of The Noise, has added Gloucester singer/songwriter Deb Hardy to the bill along with himself (and he’s always super entertaining).  Here’s what he says about next Saturday:

JEREMY LYONS – American Roots from New Orleans to New England

“You sure can sing dem notes on dat GIT-tar!”
—Dr. John

Jeremy Lyons, versatile performer, slide guitarist, singer and songwriter, plays in and with American music traditions. After his home was washed away by Hurricane Katrina (chronicled in the song “Hurricane”), he moved up North but left a good chunk of his heart in New Orleans. His repertoire is deep enough that he could easily play an entire evening of 1) folk and blues traditional songs; 2) all original material; or 3) driving rock-tinged grooves. Though most often in his solo shows you hear an intriguing mixture of styles that add up to the best of roots music.

Deb Hardy is a singer songwriter from Gloucester whose songs reflect the drama, beauty and serenity of this ocean harbor community. Her style of singing and guitar playing is rhythmic, expressive and powerful, with influences of Kate Bush, Yes, and Led Zeppelin.
In 2005 Hardy released the full length CD, Done By Water, which includes recordings of the Transmissions, the Deb Hardy Band, as well as her live solo performances from Club Passim. Deb has recently been recording with John Hicks.
T Max recently released his third solo CD, Shake, an environmental tale with a score written, produced, and played completely by T Max. He is also known for founding Boston Rock Opera, doing one-man performances of Why Do We Go to War? and producing Boston Rock ‘n’ Roll Trading Cards. His publication, the Noise, is the longest running music magazine in New England.

Passports Restaurant Canadian Bacon Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Squad Models Just Arrived Speedos For Sunday’s Tournament










Shown Modeling The Canadian Bacon Speedo is Co-Captain “Party Favor”


When asked how he got his nickname “Party Favor” he replied “That’s what all my bitches call me down in P-Town.”

Erik Lorden AKA “Hozar” has complete faith in his lead dodgeballer “Party Favor” who will be running a ten mile road race just prior to the tournament on the Morning of March 4th.

One things for sure, team Canadian Bacon is coming to play!


Bullzeye carries two Dodgeballs with her at all times as part of her training regimen.

Passports Canadian Bacon Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament Co-Captain Hozar

Passports Canadian Bacon Will Be Facing Arch-Nemesis Dog Bar’s “American Bacon” Team in First Round Action.  Be sure to come out Sunday at Noon to catch all the action!


Check Out The 2012 Speedo Bikini Dodgeball Facebook Page Here and Like it!



These are the organizations- Mamies Kitchen Muffin Tops, Passports Canadian Bacon, Good Morning Gloucester Rubber Rippers, Sugar Magnolias Team Shameless, The Farm Bar and Grill Ass with Class, Saving Private Ryan and Wood, North Shore Cross Fit Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, , Ed Collard’s House Doctor’s Blinded By the White, Jungle Silkscreening Jungle Fever, Beverly Athletic Club Kiss Our BACsides, another Farm Team Swiss Farmy Knives, Maestranzi Brothers Red, White and Blue Balls, Muffy White Organizings Hot mess, Cape Ann brewing Nacho Libre, Cross Fit Cape Ann With Two Teams- Buns and Guns and Power Snatch, Dog Bar’ American Bacon and  Beach Gourmet’s Drop It like It’s Hot.

If any other teams have pre tourney pictures they want to submit I’ll run ‘em ASAP!

All of the profits from the sign-ups of the Tournament are going to Next Step, an organization that provides support, education and resources for teens and young adults coping with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. www.nextstepnet.org

And Dog Bar Makes Twenty! Bikini Speedo Dodgeball All Filled Up With Teams For Our Brackets!

This is gonna be bat-shit bananas! 

Twenty teams of men and women in bikinis and speedos trying to annihilate each other medieval style on the Dodgeball Court Behind The Farm Bar and Grille On March 4th with the profits from the entry fees  going to www.nextstep.org which provides help for teens and young adults afflicted with life threatening illnesses.

Can you imagine 20 teams of 5 and then all of their supports of how much insanity and fun that is going to be?  This is going to be the entertainment event of all of 2012!!!!!

Word Is That One of Gloucester’s Biggest Supporters Of Live local Music Andy Mullholland Will Be Sporting The Speedo and Leading His Dog Bar Squad “American Bacon”.  Andy caused quite a stir with the team name which is a direct shot across the bow of his Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Seafood Throwdown Nemesis Erik Lorden From Passport whose Team had already been named “Canadian Bacon”.  There will be no love lost between these mortal enemies on the Dodgeball Court.  Question Is- Who Will Bring The Meat?


We do not know how athletic these teams will be compared to the many Cross Fit and Athletic Club Squads but they will surely win the straight sexy points with their many fans!

Mark Your Calendars Now!  March 4th at Noon!  The Farm Bar and Grille for The Ultimate Spectacle that will Be-

The Second Annual GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament!


All of the profits from the sign-ups of the Tournament are going to Next Step, an organization that provides support, education and resources for teens and young adults coping with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. www.nextstepnet.org



click here for Cape Ann Brewing Coverage Team Nacho Libre


North Shore Cross Fit Team Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Captain Tracy Conley


Maestranzi Brothers Red White & Blue Balls Team Captain Frankie Gwynn

Our Hosts The Farm Bar and Grille check them out the Farm’s Facebook Page here


Farm Team Name- Ass With Class With Captain Ryan Cox

Here are the other squads signed on

We have a Ryan and Wood Distillery sponsored squad (best damn spirits you can consume on the planet) check out their website and live distillery webcam


Sugar Mags is putting a yet to be named team together- check the breakfast artistry that is Sugar Magnolia’s and like their Facebook page. Also did you know Sugar Mag’s does catering?


Cross Fit Cape Ann should be the early favorites, we will see if their elite training will put them over the top. Check out their blog here


Beverly Athletic Club’s Team will look to contend with the cross fit athletes from Cross Fit Cape for the top seed.


Team Name- Kiss Our BACsides

I will be sponsoring  GMG Team Rubber Rippers featuring our boy Kurt Lubbers and a team of maniacal Coasties.


Passports Restaurant

Passports Canadian Bacon Team Captain Erik Lorden


and Ed Collard’s House Doctors Handyman Repair Services

Team Name Blinded By The White


check out Jungle’s website here


Mamie’s Kitchen’s Muffin Tops has signed on to the Farm Bar and Grille Good Morning Gloucester Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament!


Team Name Mamie’s Muffin Tops

Check out the delectable dishes from Mamie’s Kitchen here


Team Name- Hot Mess

Here’s her website- http://www.muffywhite.com/

Beach Gourmet Catering


Matt Beach will be opening up shop after last year’s horrible Washington St fire in the location of the former Connors Pharmacy.

The T Shirt Design Front (the date is going to be correct March 4th)-

Open House Saturday 8/13/11

Hi- We are having a summer artist’s open house here on Saturday evening August 13th from 6 pm to 10 pm. We’ll be serving light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. See the new maps, photos, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, and the work of our newest local artist- glass blower Aron Leaman. Don’t forget to join our Facebook page if you haven’t yet (see below).

 Babson Farm Quarry, Rockport ©Fredrik d. Bodin

Fish City © Jean Byrd

 Vibrancy © Kathleen Miller

Our neighbor on Main Street, the POP Gallery, is also having an opening at the same time for Christina PitschHer work is work in print, drawings, and sculptural pieces. They will have snacks from our neighbor the Dog Bar, and wine & beer.

Come on Downtown and enjoy!


Fredrik D. Bodin

Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Master Chef Season 2 Featuring Gloucester’s Christian Collins Premieres Monday Night On Fox


At the 36 second mark of the video judge Joe Bastianich says of Christian’s dish- “That’s the kind of dish that wins competitions like this one.”

Click here for the video

Catch the Season Premiere of MasterChef, MON 6/6 at 8/7c, on FOX

Gloucester MA- Home of The Stars-

The show premieres on June 6 at 8 p.m.

MasterChef’ judges from left, Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot.

He is featured in the promo here (stay at home dad)-

We have pictures and video from his Seafood Throwdown at The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Facing off vs Passports

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1262021&dest=35686]

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