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Radio Show Appearance in Which I Give a Shout-out to Rockport’s Dump!

The Craftsman brand of tools has an online channel featuring a show with host Frank Fontana (formerly of HGTV’s Design on a Dime) in which he discusses DIY Disasters. His producer found my blog and asked me to be on Frank’s show for a brief segment. I mostly rambled about nothing but I did go on and on about how great Rockport’s transfer station is. I don’t know if the DPW guys would be excited about yet another advertisement for Rockport’s Swap Shop but it’s hard to talk about great finds, etc. and not bring up the dump. The clip from the show is found  below. Oh, and before my interview, George Takei from Star Trek (?) and Kathy Ireland the model (??) are on, so if you might want to check out the whole show to hear their interviews. The part where I come in (and Rockport) is at the 44 minute mark.