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Discovery Channel at Ocean Alliance

Ian Kerr Discovery Channel interview ©kim Smith 2014 copyIain Kerr Interview with Discovery

Sunday morning Discovery Channel News was at Ocean Alliance filming a story about SnotBot, the organization’s new drone. The drone was created by a group of Olin College of Engineering students, under the direction of Professor Drew Bennet, in the College’s robotics lab.

Drew Bennet Olin College studentys Snot Bot ©Kim Smith 2014. JPG

“SnotBot will be used to collect DNA, bacteria, viruses and stress hormones from whale blows. The team also tested SnotShot, a machine that makes a simulated whale blow (with the capacity to simulate different blow types) on demand—a testing tool that will actually help the scientists in the field collect a control sample.

Olin College students Snot Bot ©kim Smith 2014

The SnotBot drone works something like this: “as SnotBot flies out to a whale that is approximately 300m from the research vessel, it hovers over a whale and the whale repeatedly blows onto a collection device. After the sample is collected and brought back to the RV Odyssey, the data is used to help interpret an animal’s state of heath through the analysis of bacteria, viruses, DNA, and stress hormones recovered from the whale’s blow.”

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Captain Dominic ©Kim Smith 2014Gorgeous View from the Paint Factory of the Captain Dominic Fishing Boat

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I Wanna Puke!!!!

The Discovery Channel chooses to film the construction of The Inferior Vanilla Rockland Lobster Trap tree as opposed to The REAL DEAL.

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Discovery Channel to film Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

Gloucester’s 2009 Tree-

click picture for slide show


Rockland’s Crappy Vanilla Tree-


Thanks to Penelope Crane for alerting me to this horrible injustice.

Sig Hansen from The Deadliest Catch Appearance

Sig Hansen, captain of the f/v Norwestern featured on the Discovery Channel Show “The Deadliest Catch” will be making a public appearance to benefit the Plum Cove playground on Sunday, June 1st at the Gloucester House Restaurant.

We are trying to raise $10,000 to rebuild our playground . We are a few thousand dollars away from our goal. If we reach the $10,000 milestone, then we will receive a corporate match of $10,000.

Tickets are available for $15 and includes chowder and hors d’oeuvres and an opportunity to meet Sig. Cash bar. Raffle prizes.

Special thanks to our sponsors The Gloucester House, Cape Pond Ice, Capt. Joe & Sons, North Shore Builders.

For ticket informatin contact Kristin Michel at kristinmichel@comcast.net or 978-290-6035
or Jamie Marshall at jmarshall@tridentseafoods.com or 978-317-0213