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Mystery of the Disappearing Soap

Halfway through the summer my not-inexpensive shea butter outside shower soap began to disappear once it wore away to about three to four inches long. I was puzzled and found it mildly annoying and couldn’t imagine why the soap continually went missing. Whatever was stealing the soap has developed a real taste for it because the critter can no longer contain its desire, now nightly chowing down even before it is small enough to cart away. I think it is a rat or perhaps a skunk. My husband wants to trap it, but I ask the question–what if it is a skunk and you do manage to capture, how are you going to remove it from the trap??

Who is eating our soap?

I’ve tried discouraging the little borrower by switching from lavender to lilac, verbena, honeysuckle, and gardenia; no matter, it savors them all. It would be fun to film the creature with an infrared camera, similar to the ones used by National Geographic photographers for filming lions and tigers at night. Does anyone have one I can borrow?