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More from our friend Fred’s Diary

The Hospital:

Be honest with your doctor and other health care professionals. They all want to help you. Throw all your modesty out the window. You’ll be treated with respect.

Ask questions. I not only wanted to know about my own treatment, and was curious about the tools and techniques being used.

Do what you can to make your stay comfortable. Bring sweat pants, long and short sleeve t-shirts, socks, a cell phone, and non-perishable snacks. If you’re confined to bed, bring a 24-inch grabber to extend your reach.

I‘ve found that the hospital environment can be disorienting, especially if medications are involved. One day in early February I awoke at what I thought was 6 am, only to realize it was 6 pm, and I had only slept for an hour! Currently, I’m taking six different medications, and a total of ten pills per day (some are administered twice daily). You may want to invest in a pill chopper.