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The Body on the Rocks ~ A New Detective Thriller by Tom Hauck (My Husband)!

Body on the Rocks 300dpiThe Body on the Rocks is a page-turning collection of superbly written classic detective stories, set in Gloucester. Very, very proud of my husband!!! One of my favorite passages, found on page 227:

“There are many different ways human being scream.

At the amusement park you hear the shrill cries of rollercoaster riders who, with arms held high not in surrender to the enemy but as expressions of death-defying hubris, giddily anticipate the breakneck plunge down the first big hill. In movie theaters you hear the excited shrieks of patrons who have paid to be scared half to death by the maniac on the screen. There are the squeals of delight from children who tear open Christmas presents to find that Santa has brought that coveted toy. And there are angry howls of sports fans who somehow expect that the nearsighted referee who is far out in the middle of the playing field, surrounded by thousands of the screamers’ fellows, will somehow hear and be affected by each one’s individual complaint.

Of the many varieties of excited utterances made by people, the scream of genuine terror is singular and unmistakable. It penetrates to the core and demands a response.”

The Body on the Rocks is available at The Bookstore of Gloucester and The Book Shop of Beverly Farms, as well as Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle).

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Tom also did the painting for the cover, painted at the rocks at Brace Cove in 2005.

From the press release ~ The Body on the Rocks presents twelve thrilling stories featuring detective Chris Mark. Set in the rugged port city of Gloucester, Massachusetts, each story offers human drama, passion, intrigue, and a glimpse into the complicated life of an Iraq War vet who only wants to help people solve their toughest problems. This fast-paced collection is perfect for a day at the beach or an evening by the fireplace, and will keep you turning the pages long past your bedtime.

Tom is a freelance ghostwriter and editor, and the editor of Renaissance Magazine, America’s leading national magazine devoted to contemporary renaissance faires and culture. Visit his website here.

Tom Hauck Head Shot Body on the Rocks ©Kim Smith 2014

Tom Hauck is a writer living in Gloucester, Massachusetts. His first novel, Pistonhead, tells the gritty story of a guitar player in a rock band who faces a life crisis. Lucas Manson, his second novel, is a literary horror thriller that pits agent Mark Dylan against a charismatic evangelist who is the leader of a bloodthirsty hominid species.

His third novel, Avita Doesn’t Love You (Whiskey Creek Press, October 2014),is an international thriller that traces the moral and physical challenges faced by agent Kevin Lone as he battles an implacable global enemy. Read more