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You Can’t Mix Residential And Marine Industry- PHOOEYYYY!

Our Grandfather bought this property back in 1953 from the Gorton’s company and my cousin Frank and I bought it from our fathers six years ago.  During that entire time we’ve been surrounded by houses that are directly in front of our dock and on both sides of our dock there are recreational boat marinas. You would think by listening to the anti-development, put up roadblocks to any progress crowd that a holy war would ensue if you ever mixed the two components but in reality it has been going on way before there was the ridiculous zoning that is in place now.  We’ve been peacefully coexisting with our awesome neighbors for decades.  Yes through starting up our diesel trucks early in the morning to go pick up bait or make deliveries, yes through the odors and smells that are inherent in the fishing industry, yes through years and years of sights, sounds and smells of heavy industry.  People move here I believe because they love it and embrace it.

So the folks that tell you it could never co-exist to have tourism and commercial fishing side by side, call bullshit on them. 

Our dock isn’t the only place where commercial boats and recreational boats and housing and industry are side by side- look at the Rocky Neck Railways and dockage situation down there- commercial boats and the highest density of tourism in our city basically on top of each other.

Beacon Marine Decades long of housing and marina space with cranes and a boat yard coexisting with an new Media Ad agency –Bait and Tackle all on the same property.

International Lobster/East Gloucester Marine/The Harbor Room function hall with apartments up above (the Moonies complex)

Our Dock with residential all along the front of our property line.

The Gloucester House next to Fisherman’s Wharf next to Lat 43

Captain Carlos Nightclub/Restaurant Complex and The Gloucester Seafood Display Auction.

Totes of lobster loaded up and waiting for the truck at 8PM


Our Cool Neighbors.  They Get It- Great People.


Chelsea and East Boston DPA (Designated Port Area)

The sites are the same in every single city with a DPA. Chelsea, East Boston, Salem, Fall River, New Bedford. Boston has activity on it’s waterfront but the regulators tell us that “it’s different for Boston”. All of these towns have struggled with budget crisis and they all have their waterfront hampered by the failure that is Designated Port Area Zoning.  Hell, Chelsea even went into recievership.  No one wants to give up on our working waterfront but changes are needed within the framework of a Designated Port Area Designation that will allow for growth.

Go ahead and look back at that list of names -Chelsea, East Boston, Salem, Fall River, New Bedford and Gloucester. All operating under DPAs and all struggling.