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Demetri’s Taekwondo Academy Members celebrate Birthday at Charlie’s Place



A very energetic group celebrates a member’s birthday at Charlie’s Place.

Demetri’s Taekwondo Academy is a Martial Arts School offering Tae Kwon Do classes in Gloucester, MA for kids, men and women. Demetri’s Taekwondo Academy is Located at 186 Main St.






IMG_3830 Stitch

Street bazaar taekwondo continued


Above: Phil Demetri leads his students in group exercises (or whatever the technical name is…)

I sprained my wrist two weeks ago punching a free-hanging punching bag. The young gentleman in the photo below broke three boards with one punch and walked away without a cast…
Fr. Matthew Green

More taekwondo in the streets

These folks impress me no end… From Demetri’s Taekwondo Academy at the street bazaar.See the top piece of the board flying away in the photo below?

I bet her kids say, “Yes, ma’am!” when she tells them to clean their rooms… (although her son was also there breaking things during this demo).

Fr. Matthew Green