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Schooner Brilliant ~ Decks Awash From Fred Bodin


The Brilliant was built in 1932, and is 61.5 feet long. She was designed for speed, and set the record for a Trans-Atlantic crossing for a vessel of her size at the time. This is an ocean-going, sail powered speedboat if ever there was one. As you can see, there was good wind during this Gloucester Schooner Race, where one competing schooner blew out her topsail, and there were a few green-looking photographers on the Committee/Press boat. Schooner Brilliant will compete in the Gloucester Schooner Races this year.

As with all historic schooners, paying passengers are essential to support the cost of Schooner Brilliant, sailing from her home port of Mystic (CT) to Gloucester, during the race itself, and the trip back to Mystic. Any leg of this voyage would certainly be an experience of a lifetime! I urge you to support Brilliant the other schooners during our annual Gloucester Schooner Races: Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea™ : Sail Overnight on Schooner Brilliant For more information and to book passage call: 860-572-5331