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Morphine Front Man in Gloucester with T Max & Deb Hardy next Saturday

Remember Morhpine?  Not the drug, the band, led by Mark Sandman, who died on stage of a heart attack in Italy in 1999.

Mark’s friends are carrying on and have started a music education project that does excellent work.  They’ve also got an excellent band fronted by Jeremy Lyons, who sounds enough like Mark Sandman that if you close your eyes, you just can’t tell the difference.  They were gracious enough to headline the first gimmesound GiveBack benefit for the Mark Sandman Music Project at TT’s in Cambridge (check out a very entertaining article about that concert — and Mark Sandman here).   See a video of Jeremy and his band below (Jeremy is at the end of the video)

And if bringing Jeremy to Gloucester isn’t enough, T Max, founder and editor of The Noise, has added Gloucester singer/songwriter Deb Hardy to the bill along with himself (and he’s always super entertaining).  Here’s what he says about next Saturday:

JEREMY LYONS – American Roots from New Orleans to New England

“You sure can sing dem notes on dat GIT-tar!”
—Dr. John

Jeremy Lyons, versatile performer, slide guitarist, singer and songwriter, plays in and with American music traditions. After his home was washed away by Hurricane Katrina (chronicled in the song “Hurricane”), he moved up North but left a good chunk of his heart in New Orleans. His repertoire is deep enough that he could easily play an entire evening of 1) folk and blues traditional songs; 2) all original material; or 3) driving rock-tinged grooves. Though most often in his solo shows you hear an intriguing mixture of styles that add up to the best of roots music.

Deb Hardy is a singer songwriter from Gloucester whose songs reflect the drama, beauty and serenity of this ocean harbor community. Her style of singing and guitar playing is rhythmic, expressive and powerful, with influences of Kate Bush, Yes, and Led Zeppelin.
In 2005 Hardy released the full length CD, Done By Water, which includes recordings of the Transmissions, the Deb Hardy Band, as well as her live solo performances from Club Passim. Deb has recently been recording with John Hicks.
T Max recently released his third solo CD, Shake, an environmental tale with a score written, produced, and played completely by T Max. He is also known for founding Boston Rock Opera, doing one-man performances of Why Do We Go to War? and producing Boston Rock ‘n’ Roll Trading Cards. His publication, the Noise, is the longest running music magazine in New England.

Official Press Release for HERE FOR HAITI


On Saturday, February 6th, 2010, the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church presents HERE FOR HAITI: Raising Song, Spirit & Help for Haiti.

GLOUCESTER, MA.    Saturday, February 6, 2010.  Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church. 10 Church St. Gloucester MA. 7pm.  $10.  All ages.  All proceeds to Partners in Health (working in Haiti for over 20 years)  HERE FOR HAITI will include performances by What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?, Sarah Rabdau, Kristen Miller, HUM, Dan King, an African drum ensemble, dancers, and other special guests.  Hosted by Chloe Erdmann and U.U. Minister, Steve Wilson.

In July of 2006, Chloe Erdmann visited Port-Au-Prince and Jacmel, Haiti, with a group of dancers led by choreographer, Jean Appolon and musician, Juju, (both from Haiti.) The U.S. visitors were welcomed into the community and participated in rituals, including Jean’s initiation ceremony as a Vodou Priest, and a pilgrimage to Saut d’Eau waterfall in Ville Bonheur.   Chloe fondly remembers the experience, “The emphasis on community sharing, helping and healing was palpable and contagious.  And the dancing! I really don’t know how, but all ages danced during these rituals for days–and I mean that quite literally.  It was nothing short of amazing.  My friends and I would collapse at the end of the day and be dazzled by the idea that people were still dancing and would be up earlier than we would the following morning and at it again.  If dancing is any measure of joy in the soul, they have it to overflowing.”

Despite abominable conditions in health care, education, and access to clean water, Chloe was astounded by the unshakable spirit, pride and generosity in which she was surrounded.

“There was an instance when I truly witnessed how desperate the situation was concerning health care.  A rainstorm had flooded the concrete channels on either side of the road and a motorcyclist had skidded off the side and broken his leg.  A woman passing by had managed to get him in the back of her station wagon and was looking for any kind of medical attention in the area.  Two Haitian pilgrim/hitchhikers we had picked up in our truck gave their towels to help stop the bleeding on the way to the closest medical facility (an hour away.) Giving up towels may seem like nothing to us, but I later found out that those were their towels for the year. This is only one story, but it is one that haunts me when I imagine the scale of damage done to such a beautiful country by this earthquake. If a towel can help, every bit helps, and we need to help our neighbors much as we can!”

Chloe met Brian King first as fan of his band, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? Through her friendship with Brian, she fell in love with Gloucester, spending the Summer of 2008 on Cape Ann, before moving to Scotland to earn her PhD in Comparative Religion and Theology.  She happened to be back in Massachusetts when the earthquake hit, and immediately she and Brian approached the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church about creating a benefit.  The church board was eager to sponsor the event.

Regarding the benefit, Brian says, “I strongly believe that when tragedies happen in places that are out of our reach, many feel powerless to help. Coming together where we are, HERE, helps strengthen our energy, vision and ability to make a difference.  It pulls us out of isolation, to join in effort and voice.  We have the power to help right HERE by raising funds that will go where they are needed most.”

Chloe also spoke about seeing Partners in Health in action.  “When I saw the hospital that Partner In Health supports, it was one of the most hopeful sights there concerning the medical situation.  Paul Farmer knows Haiti, Haitians, and the situation intimately. PIH comes highly recommended by the group I visited Haiti with- both the Haitians and the Americans – and I feel confident to donate the proceeds to their good work.”

Brian has pulled together great talent from Gloucester and Boston for HERE FOR HAITI.   Boston singer-songwriter, pianist, Sarah Rabdau was a finalist in WBCN Rock-n-Roll Rumble last year.  Her latest video, “Autumn Spills” is getting rotation on BRAVO.

Brian’s own band, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? sold out their CD release party at the Gloucester Stage Company, and the band keeps getting bigger.  They will be joined by the newly added back-up singers, The Furies, which bring Fox’s original songs to new heights.

Mr. Fox will also be joined by songwriter and cellist, Kristen Miller, who will also offer her own set of Middle Eastern infused compositions, as well as the best cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” ever heard.

Local music staple Dan King will open the night with his rootsy sound that is known to turn any audience into a family.  Local songwriter and artist, Deb Hardy will perform with her vocal group, HUM.

The night will also feature an African Drum ensemble and both traditional and contemporary dance.   A speaker from Partners in Health will explain exactly where and how funds will be used.

“For ten dollars you’re going to experience a great night,” Brian King promises. “And you’re going to be glad that you’re HERE FOR HAITI.”

Please, contact Brian King hewasacloud@hotmail.com for high-resolution pictures of the Saut d’Eau Waterfall taken by Chloe, Chloe in Haiti, and images of the performers.


Partners in Health:  http://act.pih.org/page/event/detail/wrwf

What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?:  http://www.whattimeisitmrfox.com

Sarah Rabdau: http://www.sarahrabdau.com

Dan King: http://www.danielscottking.com

Kristen Miller: http://www.cellobrew.com