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Chickity Check It! Deb Bretton Robinson’s Latest Gloucester Harbor Painting

Hi Joey.
This is my newest Gloucester painting, Gloucester Harbor.  I think it looks like the sun is just about to go down.  A very restful time.

Debra Bretton Robinson
Fine Artist

gloucester retake2

here’s an interview with Deb we did at Alchemy-

Deb Bretton Robinson The artist of The Month at Alchemy

I’ve featured Deb’s work before on the pages of GMG.  now she has the space at Alchemy-

She writes-

Come in from the cold and enjoy Debra Bretton Robinson’s exhibit of her acrylic paintings at the Alchemy Cafe and Bistro on 3 Duncan St., Gloucester until March 4th aptly titled "Out of the Cold".  She includes many vibrant, warm and colorful scenes of Gloucester and Cape Ann.  Don’t miss it! 


misery island