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Deadliest Catch F/V Time Bandit skipper Mike Fourtner at Cape Pond Ice

Mike Fourtner, crewman, engineer and skilled skipper of the kiing crabber  F/V Time Bandit, of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, stopped by CPI today and now is one of the official "Coolest Guys Around!".  He was with Gloucester’s own Jamie Marshall, heading down to a celebrity shootout fundraiser at Patriot’s Matt Light’s


The Dealiest Batch- To Air Live On GDT Tonight


TJ Peckham and Tom Ryan to Host Weekly Home Brew TV Show –“The Dealiest Batch” – on www.gloucestertimes.com Wednesdays at 7:00 PM “The Dealiest Batch” will start this Wednesday at 7:00 PM and cover all things home brewing. It is live so that viewers can email in their questions. It will be on every Wednesday at the same time. TJ and Tom began their home brewing careers in college. Even when they were fishing out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska they both brought books on beer, brewing and breweries to read while we were isolated on the ship for months at a time. Now they both work at Cape Ann Brewing Co. of Gloucester, home of The Fisherman’s IPA, but still carry on their home brewing activities, including a home brewing club, videos and a new weekly TV show, “The Deadliest Batch – Home Brewing with T&T” to be seen every Wednesday at 7:00 PM at http://food.gloucestertimes.com. Viewers can also see their other videos and replays of the program in the Wine & Beverage Videos category.

check out the promo-

Deadliest Catch Event In Gloucester

Deadliest Catch Captain Andy Hillstrand Hams It Up With A Boston Herald Reporter.

Andy Hillstrand Sports His Time Bandit Gear

Andy Hillstrand Sports His Time Bandit Gear

The 7 Seas Whale Watch Crew Gets Some Love From The Boys

The 7 Seas Whale Watch Crew Gets Some Love From The Boys

Deadliest Catch Event In Gloucester

Before the event Josh Harris, Andy Hillstrand and John Hillstrand sat down for a pretty salty interview.  I’ll be posting it at 8PM

The guys were incredibly generous with their time and patient with the crazed fans.  The way it ought to be when you become famous, respecting the fans and giving back.

John Hillstrand and Andy Hillstrand With A Fan

John Hillstrand and Andy Hillstrand With A Fan

Josh Harris Loves Gloucester

Josh Harris Loves Gloucester

Josh Harris Represnts!

Before the event I had a five minute exclusive GMG interview with Josh Harris and the Hillstrand Brothers from The Deadliest Catch.  The interview will take a bit to process but a short clip of the entrance should be live for you guys by 8AM.  The interview with the boys will be posted tonight at 8PM.

Josh Harris Represnts!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Josh is Captain Phil Haris’ oldest son and he worked in fish processing plants prior to working on the boat with his dad and brother.  To learn more about Josh Harris and The Deadliest Catch Crabber The Cornelia Marie click this text

Add The Boston Herald To The List

Check out the photo credit.

clcick the pic to go to the Herald story

clcick the pic to go to the Herald story


I also got a five minute exclusive interview with the boys before the event which will take a couple hours to encode.  Stay tuned for it later!

Much thanks from our entire community go to Jamie Marshall and Kristin Michel who once again put together a tremendous fundraiser and entertaining event to benefit our youth.

More News For Tonight’s Event – Auction Items

Joe –

Just came from seeing Andy, John & Josh. They brought some great stuff with them for tonight!!!!

Capt. Andy’s Cowboy Hat that we wore on the show – he will autograph it for you!!!

Time Bandit shirts & hats

Autographed Time Bandit Jackets

Deadliest Catch Helly Hansen Fleece Jackets

and more!!!!!

We will also be selling John & Andy’s book – we have a limited number available – $20 each

at the ticket table. If you can’t come to the event and want a book, just come to the Gloucester House between 5:30 and 6:30 tonight. Get them while they last!!!

Time Bandit by Johnathan Hillstrand: Book Cover


More BREAKING NEWS! – Josh Harris of the f/v Cornelia Marie will be at the Gloucester Little League event tonight!

From our killer source Kristin Michel-

Josh Harris from the Cornelia Marie will be at tonights Deadliest Catch/Gloucester Little League event tonight

For more info click the picture

Deadliest Catch T Shirts Signed By The Crew

FOB Kristin Michel just dropped off 6 Offiicial Deadliest Catch T Shirts which she says will be signed by a crew member of the Deadliest Catch at The Deadliest Catch Gloucester Little League Fundraiser Monday night at The Gloucester House.

Come down to Captain Joe and Sons Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, make a donation to Gloucester Little League and one of the six shirts will be yours.  Then go to the event to see the star Captains and have your shirt signed.

Here is the design-

From Kristin-

We will be selling tickets to the fundraiser featuring Jonathan & Andy Hillstrand at the Gloucester Little League table at the Sidewalk Sale tomorrow.  Our table will be in the West End.  Please send anybody looking for ticket our way!


Deadliest Catch Gloucester Fundraiser Update!

Hey Joey –

Just wanted to update you and the GMG readers about Monday’s fundraiser to benefit Gloucester Little League featuring Andy & Jonathan Hillstrand from the Time Bandit.

My phone is ringing off the hook today with people calling looking to see if we still have tickets.  The calls are coming from all over Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine.  The event was covered in the Herald today and we expect a feature story in The Beacon tomorrow.  I am hopeful that this event will be a sell-out, as was last year’s event featuring Sig Hansen.

People from “over the bridge” will have to buy their tickets at the door or come to Gloucester to get the tickets in advance.  Locals who want to attend the event should purchase their tickets at Jeff’s Variety in the next few days to assure that are guaranteed admission to the event.

Looking forward to seeing everybody there for a fun evening.


Gloucester Deadliest Catch Event Update

From Kristin & Jamie –

It’s Official . . . . Jonathan Hillstrand will be joing his brother Andy at the Gloucester Little League Fundraiser on August 3rd at the Gloucester House!!!

GMG Readers – If you have a question that you would like ask Jonathan or Andy, please submit it by email and we will have it answered at the event. Email kristinmichel@comcast.net

More News From Deadliest Catch Fundraiser

From Kristin Michel-

Hi Joey -The prizes are rolling in for the Gloucester Little League Fundraising Event featuring the Captains of the Time Bandit from the Deadliest Catch and Dean and Derek from Indoors Out.

In addition to autographed items, we have Red Sox tickets (GREAT seats), gift certificates, and more!

Breaking News- Deadliest Captain Andy Hillstrand Coming To Gloucester- More To Follow

Breaking News

Breaking News


Deadliest Catch Logo

Deadliest Catch Logo

Did you miss the event last summer that featured a captain from the hit Discovery Channel show “Deadliest Catch”?  Did you attend the last event and have the time of your life?

Well, Kristin Michel and Jamie Marshall have teamed up again to bring you another fundraising event featuring one of your favorite crab fishing boat captains from Alaska!

Captain Andy Hillstrand of the Time Bandit will be coming to Gloucester in August to help his friend with a special project and has offered his time for a great cause.

The funds raised from this event will benefit Gloucester Little League and their efforts to refurbish baseball fields, rebuild concession stands, update equipment, and more!

We have other surprises in store, so please keep visiting www.goodmorninggloucester.com to be the first to know!

-Kristin & Jamie

Pic from Deadliest Reports

Pic from Deadliest Reports

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