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Four Days Before Christmas Carol Countdown: “2014 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Darlene Love

Darlene Love’s final performance for the David letterman Show, a Christmas  tradition that she, Letterman, and Paul Schaffer began 28 years ago.

Love recounts in a Huffington Post article how the tradition began, and how she got her feet back on the ground while listening to her song playing when working as a maid at a client’s home after her career had tanked:

Huffington Post

By Christopher Rosen

… In the past, Love has also said how she wants to start an annual Christmas show in New York with Paul Shaffer, Letterman’s famous band leader. It was Shaffer who got Love connected with Letterman in the first place, all the way back in the mid-80s, when the pair performed together in the musical “Leader of the Pack.”

“Paul Shaffer played Phil Spector in that play. So, David Letterman came down to see the show, and one night on his show, Dave said to Paul, ‘That Christmas song the girl does in the play you’re in is the greatest Christmas song I’ve ever heard. We need to get her on our show,'” Love recalled in an interview with HuffPost Entertainment in 2013. “It was just one coincidence after another! I started doing the first Christmas show in 1986 […] Every now and then they let me sneak in another song. ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),’ however, is the song. And that’s how all of that came about.”

Prior to her resurgence in the mid-’80s, Love had financial troubles that resulted in her becoming a maid. Love has said it was “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” that helped remind the now-Rock and Roll Hall of Famer of her talent.

“I was cleaning this one lady’s house in Beverly Hills and I heard ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ on the radio. I said, ‘That’s me singing that. This is ridiculous! People are playing my records. If they want to play my records that means people still want to hear me,'” Love said last year. “I quit that job and decided to go to work.”

Taping of the very first time Love performed the Letterman Show, with Love wearing Joey’s favorite women’s style, high-waisted jeans. 

Holiday Song of the Day “Baby Please Come Home”

“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by the One Woman Wall of Sound Darlene Love

This video includes a few snapshots of Darlene Love recording at Gold Star Studios.

Darlene Love performed “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”on the David Letterman Show Friday night and she brought the house down. She has performed this song on Letterman  for over 25 years, beginning when he was on NBC and following him to CBS.

While looking for a video for Darlene Love’s “Christmas,” I came across this article (see below for link) where she shares stories of life’s lessons, finding her words of wisdom relevant during this season of forgiveness. It is widely known how badly Darlene Love was treated, both financially and artistically, by Phil Spector and she is no longer angry. “For one thing, as she pointed out, these aren’t fresh incidents: “I had a lot of years to get un-angry,” she says. But it’s also something of a matter of principle. “I have no reason to hate him,” she says, “and I never did, because I always found that hate makes you ugly. Makes you have wrinkles. Which I don’t have.” Here, she laughed. “But you know what? That has a whole lot to do with your insides. When you hate people, it not only makes you hate that person, it gives that vibe off for everything around you. I really do believe that. So I really did try hard not to dislike him and always be the good guy, and say what I say about him and nothing bad. ‘Cause it doesn’t help.”

The article was written by Linda Holmes for NPR in 2011 when it began airing its series Women Who Rock, which was originally inspired by an exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall

Darlene Love on Phil Spector, Christmas, and How Hate Gives You Wrinkles

Darlene Love performing River Deep Mountain High on the David Letterman Show, 2007.