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Is Rockport trying to steal you away from Fiesta?

Generally speaking, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  But now that we know the N.S.A. is reading our emails and listening to our phone calls, I’ve begun to look at things with a slightly more suspicious eye.

So when I go to the gimmesound live music listings for Cape Ann tomorrow and notice that the first 2 shows are both in Rockport — and both Free, it’s got me wondering, “Just what’s going on here?”  They’ve got David Coffin at Shalin Liu at 1o am.  And they’re not really pushing that show either.  It’s buried on a page featuring a number of community concerts and events.  To look at it you’d think Rockport Music was giving back to the community — being a good citizen.

Brad ByrdBut then I see the Rockport Farmer’s Market has local rock star Brad Byrd performing at 11:30.  Now what’s that all about?  What’s an award-winning indie rock star like Brad Byrd doing at a farmer’s market?  You’re probably gonna say it’s because he’s from Rockport and he likes to give back to the community.  But wait.  Don’t you see a pattern here?  Do see what I’m seeing?

Under the guise of appearing like good citizens, the “good people” of Rockport are really up to no good.  They’re trying to steal the crowds away from Fiesta.  They want you in Rockport early and think they’re gonna keep you all day so you can see Bob Allison on the Grand Piano at the Emerson at 6pm — also free .  Don’t be fooled.  It’s Fiesta.  You live in Gloucester.  Know what I mean?

David Coffin Enrichment at EGS

East Gloucester resident David Coffin presented his "Music from the King’s Court — Exploring the Early Winds" enrichment program to the East Gloucester Elementary School 3rd-graders, who are learning to play the recorder this year.


David brought an impressive collection of wind instruments, and played almost all of them for the spellbound kids.  He demonstrated that the ocarina, bombard, recorder, slide whistle, gemshorn, organ pipe were essentially the same instrument.  He even played a water bottle and a drinking straw!

David Coffin is remarkably talented, and is wonderful with kids.  I strongly recommend him for any school looking for a music-based enrichment program!

David’s web site has a page that demonstrates these wind instruments:  http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=kings-court-meet-the-instruments

David Coffin at EGS-022David Coffin at EGS-038