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Good Morning Gloucester Community,
I have all my school classes posted for 2018. I am offering five-day, two-day and one-day classes. I also offer a weekly carving class on Tuesday night. Last year we introduced basketry classes that were a big hit, so that is being added to the schedule this year. Please feel free check out my website or if you have any questions to contact me directly.  (978)-283-0231
David Calvo


Thank you to Coco, Michelle, and the Duckworth’s Family and Staff for the invitation to their super fun annual apple cider pressing party. Everyone brought apples and a jug to bring home a batch of fresh pressed cider. John Sarrouf, the Johnny Apple Curator of Gloucester, collected apples from heirloom apple trees all around the neighborhood. The wonderful variety of apples made for the most flavorful sweet and tart cider–not that sappy stuff found in the grocery stores. The dinner was potluck and as you can imagine, provided by a family of foodlovers (and eaters) the spread was divine!

Instagram step by step apple pressing ~

Chop the apples and place in the grinder #applecider #applepress #gloucesterma

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Dylan grinding the apples #applecider #applepress

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The apple chunks are packed in mesh bags #applepress #applecider

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Sean securing the bag. The apples are ready to press! #applecider #applepress

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David and Sean pressing the apples! 🍎 🍎 🍎

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Michelle approved #friends #fresh #applecider #applepress

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Jungian Study Group at the Writers Center

Carl Jung spent his lifetime exploring the relationship of our individual existence to the Grand Cosmology of the world around us. He addressed simple questions which are still being asked today. What is our relationship to ourselves, to others and to the world of nature around us? As much as Jung was an academic his journey was very personal as well. We are going to explore “Jung’s Map of Soul” by Murray Stein as a way to find “tangible spiritual tools” to add more depth, understanding and to celebrate our own creative lives.  Call David Calvo for more info 978-283-0231
It will be led by:  Patricia Vesey-McGrew, MA, NCPsyA is a supervising and training analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute Boston, where she is past president and a faculty member. Additionally, she is Deputy Editor (US) on The Journal of Analytical Psychology, a member of the Council on Accreditation and Board of Trustees of ABAP and a past member of the NAAP Board of Directors. 

GloucesterCast 229 With David Calvo, Kim Smith, Randy Oneil and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 6/18/17

gloucestercastsquare11 (1)


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Topics Include:

Wonder Woman IS A Must See
Parade Of Sails
GMG/Ryan and Wood Plus 90 Cigars Rum and Cigar Sail On The Thomas E Lannon Is Set For July 20th.
Parking- Would It Be Bad To Put Up A Sign That Reads “Pull All The Way Up and Don’t Park Like An Asshole”
David Calvo Wood Carving  and Craft Workshops- For Class Schedules www.davidcalvo.com
Swan and Plover Update
Alice Gardner Book Signing At The Library
Laura Ventimiglia “Nonna, What is St Peter’s Fiesta”
The Effect at Gloucester Stage
Butterfly Superhero Plants
2017-06-18 12.18.10


IMG_2256Master woodcarver David Calvo shares his work in progress, this exquisite sign he is creating for Gloucester’s newest gift and antique emporium, The Brass Monkey, located on Main Street in the old Pallazola building. For more information about Calvo Studios and David’s woodworking classes, visit his website here.


DSC_0070All Photos David Calvo


IMG_1497Thank you David for sending this story, not only special because you are a wonderful teacher sharing your talent, but also a tremendous ambassador for Gloucester!




DAVID WRITES, Over the years I have taught wood carving to many folks from all over the United States.  They have also come down from Canada as well as up from Mexico. This week I had the good fortune to have a student from South Korea. Jae Sun Chu who just retired as an engineer for a ship building company with 50,000 employees spent the week with us. He now wants to dedicate his time to becoming proficient in wood carving and traveled on a 18 hour flight to get to our Gloucester and my teaching studio. It was a week of very interesting conversations, exchanging info on current events as well as cultural interests and differences from different points of view. While he was carving, his wife was a tourist visiting all the hot spots on Cape Ann. Jae Sun is pictured below on the right along with Gloria, another student from New York.  He leaves for his homeland tomorrow and his next stop is a workshop with a carver from Thailand in November.

Warm regards,
Calvo Studio
235 East Main St
Gloucester, MA  01930
Tel. 978-283-0231


David Calvo Studio Photos

Three Guesses As To Who Had A Hand In Building The Awesome Mystery GMG Sign

I’m really not sure how much I could thank the person/s involved in putting this thing together but I’m going to give daily guesses til I figure it out.

Guess # 1 David Calvo.


Reason- David naturally works with wood and has been a FOB for a while.  He was one of my original suspects but yesterday’s comment he left on the post- “What happened?  It wasn’t there this morning.” Leads me to believe he could be involved.  The sign was installed under Captain Joe and Sons sign under the cover of darkness and taken down before noon.  It was there when I got to work in the morning.  The photo we took was with the sign in the office.  So how did he know it had been displaced?   hmmmm  This places him in the number one suspect slot.

Guess #2a and 2b Bex Borden with or without the help of Ed Collard


Bex if anyone saw her on the campaign trail knows by that Ace Hardware shirt she proudly wore during her campaign video as well as during the debate so she would have access to the type of hardware that was attached at the top of the sign.  Bex  is also very creative and not afraid of working with tools.  The reason I add in our long lost pal Ed Collard is because Ed is “The original” handyman and was working with Bex on her campaign for  ward 1.


Would you just look at all three photo suspects- all scream guilty as hell.

So there you go.  Anyone else care to venture a guess?


One Pirates Lane Sign Beautifully Recreated by Master Woodcarver David Calvo and Question for Our Local Historians and Long-Time Residents

One Pirates Lane sign ©Kim Smith 2014JPGNext time you are heading to East Gloucester or Rocky Neck, take a look at the striking new sign at One Pirates Lane, which was recently restored by Gloucester’s own David Calvo. David was commissioned to recreate the sign as the old one had rotted through and through; made of solid mahogany, the new sign will surely last a lifetime.

David’s studio is located at 235 East Main Street. Visit his website to see more of David’s outstanding portfolio of beautiful designs and workmanship here: David Calvo Studio

David shares a bit of history about the sign: The building was owned by Howard Richardson who ran his trade show design business there. The sign was done by Alfred Czerpak. Richardson and artist Czerepak attended Mass College of Art at the same time. Howard asked Alfred to make a sign for him. The original sign went up in 1981. Al was the name he went by and he lived in one of the homes behind Richardson’s business on Pirates Lane. Al pursued a painting career and also created many multi media pieces. Thank you Colleen and David for the information!One Pirates Lane ©Kim Smith 2014

Questions for our old-timer GMG readers: We who live in the East Gloucester/Pirates Lane neighborhood have all heard that One Pirates Lane was at one time a Russian tea house. Can any of our readers confirm that and if so, share their recollections. We would love to know more and thank you so much for taking the time to write.

See previous GMG post with Adam Bolonsky interview of David Calvo








GloucesterCast 98 With Craig, Kim, Sista Felicia and Toby Taped 10/19/14

GloucesterCast 98 With Craig, Kim, Sista Felicia and Toby Taped 10/19/14

Topics include:  Cape Ann Restaurant Week, Franklin Cape Ann,1 Out of 5 Of Us Knew,  Lobsta Land, Ohana, Seaport Grille, The Sea Glass Restaurant, Lat 43, The Grand Café At Emerson Inn By The Sea, Mark Lodge Wedding, Destinos, Derek Kaloust, Giuseppe’s Closing Poll Results, Indian Food Misconceptions, David Calvo, Anmol, Memory Lane, Who Are The 1%ers That Say We Need Another Pizza Joint?, Lobster Pool Sold, Kim Smith’s Apple Crisp, Gloucester Gas Price Website and How I Can’t Understand Why Electricity Prices Are Going Up 35% With Lowest Oil Prices In Years, Home Heating and Open Floor Plans, Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth, Curcuru Ciaramitaro Wedding 1938, Captain Joe A Schooner Fisherman, Posture and Fatigue, Elizabeth Bish, Walk Like A Pompous Jerk For Less Back Pain, Treating Back Pain vs Preventing Back Pain, Sista Felicia Cannot Do Yoga Because She Gets Dizzy From Holding In Her Farts, Craig’s Obsession With The Alcohol Content In Every Beer He Drinks, A Glass of Wine vs A Glass of Beer, Bill O’Connor Asks- “Is It Up The Line or Down The Line?”, Carpooling Today, Tanya Frost Reynolds North Shore Walk For ALS, Joe Borge Sr From Lone Gull Finishes The Ironman In Kona Hawaii, 98th Podcast, Reunion 100th Podcast, Kenny MacCarthy, Manchester Athletic Club New Alliance With Tennis Academy In France, Going Back To Analog Appliances, Today’s “Industrial Grade Appliances” Are Made More Poorly Than Yesterday’s Consumer Grade Appliances,Thanksgiving Traditions.


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Joey Craig Toby



I am really amazed with the results I have gotten using low tunnel hoop gardening, an idea that i picked up from Eliot Coleman’s vegetable gardening book (from Maine).  Here is a picture today from part of my garden and it is only May 31st.   Goggle for more info or feel free to call

warm regards,
Calvo Studio
235 East Main St
Gloucester, MA  01930
Tel. 978-283-0231


“Divorce Corp.” (Sun. Mar. 9 @ 4:00pm) At Cape Ann Community Cinema Followed By Discussion With David Calvo

SPECIAL SCREENING – “Divorce Corp.” (Sun. Mar. 9 @ 4:00pm)

By Robert Newton on January 15, 2014

For roughly 50% of American families divorce is an unpleasant fact of life. Dealing with divorce and its effects destroys lives and bankrupts individuals every day. Family law, which barely existed for most of our country’s history, has morphed into a gigantic industry over the past several decades. Learn first-hand about the excesses and injustices rampant in the U.S. family court system. Do not miss the riveting film that offers a spotless condemnation of family courts across America. In interviews with top insiders and an array of litigants, a place aptly termed “the last fiefdom of lawlessness and tyranny,” is uncovered.



Click to buy tickets to this event. Click to buy tickets to this event. Click to buy tickets to this event.

Chickity Check It! WOODCARVING WITH DAVID CALVO In North Shore Magazine


Woodcarving With David Calvo

February 25, 2013

Ask David Calvo if he thinks woodcarving is a dying art and he’ll cut through the suggestion like a bandsaw through birch. By Andrew Conway- photograph by Joel Laino

“I’ve taught students from every state, as well as Canada and Mexico,” he says, referring to his ever-growing network of passionate craftsmen and women who come to his renowned woodcarving and sculpture studio and school in Gloucester to learn the ancient art for themselves.

To view the entire article at North Shore Magazine follow this link