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Lennie Merullo finds David Cox


Lennie recently passed away at the age of 98 (May 5, 1917 – May 30, 2015), during his 50 years of scouting for the MLB, he found David Cox, see Newspaper clipping from Gloucester Times, stating that while scouting in the New England area. He had come to watch Gloucester’s Frankie Destino and Lynn English’s Johnny Hyde, but found in the midst David Cox.

“This Cox boy is a smooth operator, and looks like he can hit” said Lennie. “He’s a senior, you say? Looks like a good collge prospect to me. Has the arm, the speed and the power. One of the best boys I’ve seen this season”.



David continues to show his passion for sports through his photography of local Gloucester High School Sports, and published here on GoodMorningGloucester. David’s GMG Posts


Red Sox vs Tampa Bay

Red Sox beat Tampa 2-0 with Rick Porcello pitching shutout ball for seven innings and Mookie Betts hitting two solo home runs over the monster seats. It was fun seeing the guys from that epic 1975 World Series. Boy did they get old! Just for fun I will post a few photos from that series next.

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