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Music starts @ Six O’Clock for the Dan King’s early show then @ 9:30 Groove Therapy kicks it up a notch @ The Rhumb Line

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Sit back relax and enjoy the early show
Dan King‘s guests today
George Hall  and Brian O’Connor ( I’ve seen these guys at In a Pig’s Eye you don’t want to miss them).
Then if you feel so inclined to let loose
Groove Therapy
Let’s go crazy….
All this is happenin @ The Rhumb Line


THE RHUMB LINE BAR & RESTAURANT40 Railroad Ave.Gloucester, MA 01930phone: 978-283-9732

Listen to the first release from the upcoming KBMG EP that should be arriving on CD today.

While mixing I always take long rides around Cape Ann to check out the sound in the Van. I also think about lyrics and themes while walking through Ravenswood or stopping at my favorite spots including Little River and Stubby Knowles Landing. This particular track seemed to fit perfectly with the Foliage around the West side of Gloucester as I shot the Album Cover over there a  couple weeks ago and then last week decided that area would make for a great simple video shoot for a Blue Sky Sundown. Hope you enjoy this fun autumn cruise around Cape Ann.

Dan King

btw, features New Orleans Michael Ward-Bergeman on Accordion

OK, you can exhale now — take a breather from baseball and go hear some good music

No explanation needed for this headline — unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks.

Lots going on tonight — if you hurry down to Mile Marker One you can catch Dan King’s last set.  See today’s full schedule, below.  Great music all week long — see here.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dan King 1:00 pm DAN KING

Bridge Deck – Acoustic
75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: (978) 283-2122


Jazz Session
285 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915

Phone: 978-921-2233

Toni Ann Enes 5:00 pm Listen to Toni Ann Enes TONI ANN ENES

with Inge Berge
141 Essex Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-515-7386

Inge Berge 5:00 pm Listen to Inge Berge INGE BERGE

with ToniAnn ~ till 8pm
141 Essex Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-515-7386

Michael O'Leary 6:00 pm Listen to Michael O'Leary MICHAEL O’LEARY

Celtic Music Session, 6-9pm. Trad songs ‘n tunes with string players Bob & Jennifer Strom.
7 Central Street, Manchester, MA

Phone: 978-526-7494


with Mark Earley
285 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915

Phone: 978-921-2233

The Wilkins Noise 8:00 pm Listen to The Wilkins Noise THE WILKINS NOISE

Acoustic Evening at The Rhumb Line with Special Guests
40 Railroad Ave, Gloucester, MA

Phone: 978-283-9732


Mile Marker is closing in on it’s last events and wanted to let you know the are having a Fallfest in the RVET tent on October 5th with Eric Wilson Band at Noon and Dan King on at 4pm! Blue grass and Roots music.

mile marker fallfest


Mile Marker One, The Bridge and Marshall’s Farm Stand Present fallfest 11am- 6pm October 5th, 2013

We really Just Want To Say Thanks for a Great season and having some more Fun on the River in the River View Event Tent! Free Admission, Free Raffle, Free Popcorn, Free Live Music, Free Parking,

Featuring Games, Food, Live Animals, Farmers Market, Market Vendors, Train Rides, Tarot Readings, Craft Beer Tastings, Blue Grass and Roots Music, Bouncy House and More!!

FREE RAFFLE on Entry! Includes a gift basket from Mile Marker One and Cape Ann Marina which includes a one night stay at the Cape Ann Marina Resort, a $50 gift certificate to Mile Marker One, a bottle of wine with glasses, and chocolates.

Participating Vendors include- Marshall’s Farmstand, Cape Ann Animal Aid, Glosta Joe’s Coffee, The Open Door, Tuck’s Candy & Gifts, Tiny Island Beach Glass, Harbor Cove Dental Hobby Life US, Ryan & Wood Distilleries, Jewels of Gloucester, Premier Imprints, Essex Birdshop & Pet Supply, Cape Ann Auction, Pauline’s Gifts, Sea Meadow Gifts & Gardens, Leslie Galacar

Mile Marker One Menu Food Selections Clam Chowder, Cheeseburgers, Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Chili, Chili Dogs, Roasted Turkey Legs, Pumpkin Bread, Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream

SAFETY 80s RETURNS!! THE SUMMER SEQUEL ~ Plus an early show with Dan King and Mike O’Connell ~ Acoustic Roots Session

saftet mile marker 1We’re BAAAAaaaCKKk!
RAd Tunes!
Dudes and Dolls!
Tasty Waves and Valley Lingo!
The Ultimate in Awesome!


Also an earlier show with Mike O’Connell joining Dan King for an acoustic roots session 5-7

mo mm1-003

The Five O’ Clock Early Show ~ Saturdays at Mile Marker One ~ Fiesta week~Dan King > solo

dan king acoustic roots

Every Saturday at 5pm Come down to Mile Marker One for Dan King and a special Guest Playing
The Five O’ Clock Early Show
Acoustic Roots Happy Hour

Check back for dates!

All on the Covered Bridge Deck. Weather Proof and Rain or Shine.
Drinks and Appetizers, Waterview on the Marina, New Bar, Raw Bar

Full dinner served in the Riverview Restaurant

and you can catch a game in the Aqua Room by the Pool.

Then stay for Generation Gap @ 8:00pm


photo by Generation Gap




Music at Mile Marker 1 today with Dan King & AnnMarie 5-7 ~Then Safety 8-11 with special guest Ricky Diamond

Playing some Bandit Kings songs with Ann AnnMarie Shimanoski today then SAFETY 80S with special guest Ricky Diamond-5-7dkbw





KBMG back at Japapenos ~ Time to Plan for Summer Concerts!

Think Ahead. Cape Ann top shows are selling out more often. You may not be able to wait till the last minute this summer! But you might get into Jalapenos to welcome Dan King back, if you call now 978-283-8228!   See complete live music listings here.

And don’t forget What time is it, Mr Fox? is playing Shalin Liu get your tickets now!

There is great music happening every night on Cape Ann -so get out and appreciate all the great music and musicians.

Dan King with Brown, Mattacks & Ginandes @ Jalapenos tonight

Just got the word from DB that Dan King will be joining the boys at Jalapenos tonight before he flies back to the west coast.  Here’s a nice video, albeit a bit shaky, shot  by Ned Nugent, of the boys at Jalapenos last May — one of my favorite Dan King songs.

More KBMG live videos here.

KBMG ♪♫♪ Dog Bar Cape Ann ♪♫♪ Friday night 3.15.2013

KBMGDan King is back in town and KBMG is going to rock your world at the Dog Bar this Friday night. Master musicians under one roof and offering up a great variety of songs. Ones that you will be able to sing  along to and dance to as well.


9:00pm  to 12:00pm





65 Main St Gloucester, MA 01930


BREAKING NEWS: Last night’s open mic @ Dog Bar was so great that Steve Caraway will host every Tuesday

What a great week of music this has been and it’s only Wednesday!

Last night Steve Caraway struck up the open mic again at Dog Bar and by all accounts it was a HUGE SUCCESS!  So much so that he’s decided to host every week.  Way to go STEVE!

Before Steve began at Dog Bar, Allen Estes sat in Dan King’s seat at Jalapenos and rocked the house with Dave Brown, Dave Mattacks and Wolf Ginandes.  All were at the top of their game, especially DB, whose solos took us away!

And I just have to say that it is such a pleasure listening to Dave Mattacks, whose percussion is absolutely perfect for every song .  He is without a doubt one of the best drummers alive today.  These guys are so professional they were able to follow Allen on one of his brand new songs, having never heard it before — and it sounded as if they’d just come from rehearsal.  Aren’t we lucky to have people of this caliber on Main St., in Gloucester every Tuesday for FREE!  Next week J.B. Amero is in Dan King’s seat.  Oooohh, that’ll be HOT!

Excellent live music starts up again tonight at 7pm (early enough to take the kids).  See the schedule here.

What’s EBMG?

Allen with his band circa 1973 (you know it’s been a while when people start using the word “circa” on your photos)

Not what, who?  You don’t think Jalapenos is going to cancel their wicked popular Tuesday night music — even though Dan King is off to the west coast, do you?  Nope.  This coming Tuesday, Dave Brown, Dave Mattacks and Wolf Ginandes (BM&G) will be joined by Allen Estes, hence: EBMG.

But don’t wait for Tuesday, lots of great live music this weekend.  See the full live music schedule here.

Here’s a quick farewell to GMG FOBs video we shot just before filming the Local Music Seen Dan King Farewell Special featuring J.B. Amero.  You can see part 2 of the special on Cape Ann TV Channel 12, this Sunday (Jan 6) at 6pm.

Allen will play a request for you on Tuesday if you can tell him the name of the song he quoted to Dan in this video.

Love Christmas music or not, lots of great live music choices in Gloucester tonight

Those of you who like Christmas music are in luck tonight.  Fly Amero is signing Christmas songs with his brother J.B. and Allen Estes at the Rhumbline tonight starting at 8pm.

Then catch the Local Music Seen with Allen Estes 2011 Christmas Special at 11pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 (originally aired last year) featuring Dan King, Daisy Nell & Capt. Stan, Ann Marie, Bradley Royds, Inge Berge, Chelsea Berry, Dave Sag, Courtney Reid and Allen’s son Dylan Estes.  Here’s a video of many of the performers singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town. (see more air times here)

Of course, there’s lots of other excellent music in town (not necessarily Christmas — see full schedule here), including Dennis Monagle with Marina Evans, Joe Cardoza and Dave Brown at Minglewood Tavern starting at 9pm.

Don’t panic, we’ve figured tonight out for you

Raffle Prizes for the GCA FundraiserYou’re overwhelmed.  So are we.  That’s why we’ve got an itinerary that you can follow to make sure you get everything you really want to do into tonight.  It’s good practice for tomorrow (Men’s night in case you haven’t been paying attention).

For those of you who like to start early, it’s dinner at Jalapenos GCA fundraiser at 5pm.  While you’re there, enter to win some great prizes pictured to the right.  You don’t have to be present when the prizes are drawn in order to win.  Just be sure your name is on the raffle ticket.

At 6:30 catch the PART 1 premiere of Dan King on his Local Music Seen with Allen Estes farewell tribute with special guest J.B. Amero that we previewed in this post.  You can run home to catch the show, or, better yet, ask the bar manager where ever you are to turn the TV to Channel 12.

Then at 7, head over to Alchemy to see Chelsea Berry and drop off a toy for the Pathways Toy Drive.

Finish up the night at with Fly Amero and his 80s rock star guest Jon Butcher at the Rhumb Line.  Whew!

Then be sure to get plenty of rest so you can start all over tomorrow at Men’s Night.

Special Dan King farewell tribute premieres tonight on Channel 12

Just in case you haven’t heard, Dan King is moving early next year.  So, in honor of one of Gloucester’s most important music figures, we had him down to the Cape Ann TV Studio to film a special two-part Local Music Seen farewell show with Allen Estes — and guess who showed up?  The great J.B. Amero!  Boy, did those guys have fun together!  Check out this gem we caught after we were done taping and the boys just started jammin:

You can catch the Part 1 premiere of this special farewell show tonight at 6:30 on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  It will air again on Friday at 1:30pm and Sunday at 6pm.

Now before we started taping we asked Dan if he would represent GMG and here’s what he said — PAY ATTENTION, JOEY!

Cape Ann once again featured in The Noise ~ Rockport Show Recommended for This Saturday

Last month I pointed out that The Noise Magazine recommended two Gloucester shows for the week of Oct 22, putting us on par with Cambridge (see post here).  Well there’s a new Noise issue out and this week they recommend a Rockport show (see here) specifically Amy Black with Megan Burtt at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse.  Congrats Amy Black, Megan Burtt, Old Sloop (tickets here) and Rockport!  Oh, and I guess I have to congratulate myself on being right again.  I picked this show in this post .  Here are two more videos from these rising stars, just in case you weren’t convinced by the ones I posted last week.

More Megan Burtt videos here.

Now for tonight, there’s a special treat at Minglewood: Tony & Samantha Goddess will share the stage with KBMG.  You don’t get to see all these talented artists sharing the stage very often so take advantage.

See this weekend’s complete live music schedule for Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

Music connections revolving around Gloucester

Allen Estes‘ Cable TV show Local Music Seen features Brian King tonight at 6:30pm.  On the show, Brian sings his hit Cold Rain, which was recorded by Irma Thomas, the “Soul Queen of New Orleans” (listen here).   You can see Brian at Giuseppe’s tonight.

Irma Thomas appears in the HBO TV hit Treme (season 3 premieres this Sunday night).  And in the Treme video below, you can see Irma Thomas with Amadee Castenell in the blue suit on sax right next to her (that’s Dave Bartholomew, who lived down the street from Henri Smith, on trumpet next to Amadee)

Amadee performs with Henri Smith here in Gloucester and was in Henri’s band when he opened for Aaron Neville on June 30 at North Shore Music Theatre (see him in the photo below, on the right next to Danny Heath on Trombone)

Before he went on stage that night, Aaron Neville had been reviewing mixes from his upcoming album, My True Story with his wife, Sarah, who directed the video, below, that was released exactly 1 week ago today:

Now back to Gloucester:
Veteran blues man, Bill Gleason is Fly’s guest tonight at the Rhumb Line.  He’s also one of the featured performers at the Lanesville Music Festival on Saturday followed by KBMG with Fly’s brother J.B. as a special guest.

And Pete Lindberg, who plays drums on Marina Evans‘ new EP (listen here) is performing his own songs at the Lanesville Music Festival at 5:30 (see festival schedule here)

Confused yet?  Sort it all out with the full local live music lineup here.

Updates from Marina Evans, Rob Cowsill, Block Party, KBMG & more

Yesterday, we told you that Marina Evans was releasing another song from her Dogtown EP this week and she said, in her interview, that each new song would have a little more of a groove (see post here).  This new one sure does.  It’s a little more bluesy too.  Listen:

And we said we’d have the Block Party Lineup soon.  Today, we’ve got it sorted for you in two convenient ways.  Here’s the Block Party Entertainment Lineup by stage.  And here’s the Block Party Entertainment Lineup by Time.  Either way, a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Last week, we told you about Aurelia Nelson’s interview with Rob Cowsill (see that post here) on her show Curtain Up.  Good stuff.  If you missed it, you can listen to the podcast here.  Rob doesn’t hold back with his stories about 1960s child stardom.

KBMG is back in action tonight at Jalapenos with the return of Dave Mattacks.  It’s not too late, so hurry down.

And tomorrow (Wednesday) you’ve got six choices, including 3 hosts with special guests.  Looks like hump day is picking up as Summer winds down.  See the full lineup here.

Picks of the weekend from Boston Globe, Wicked Local Northshore & 104.9 Radio

Peter Chianca, of Gatehouse Media published an excellent interview with Chris Isaak (read it here).  Drummers: pay attention to what Chris says on page 2, and all of you who care what stars wear on stage will want to know how much his mirrored suit weighs (page 3).

You can see Chris Isaak live at North Shore Music Theatre on Thursday, with the Chelsea Berry Band opening.  All seats are good seats and there are still some seats left (and  a few VIP packages).  Get tickets here.

L-R: Aaron Neville, Don Was, Keith Richards

Tomorrow Morning, Aurelia Nelson interviews Aaron Neville on her show Curtain Up at 9am on Northshore 104.9 FM.  If you’re not near a radio, you can listen live on your computer or iPhone (get the free iPhone app here)

Aurelia and Aaron talk about his music legacy in pop, rock, soul, R&B and his new project with Keith Richards.  Plus you’ll get an idea of the music we’ll here next Saturday at North Shore Music Theatre.  Good seats are still available for this show (and a few VIP packages).  Henri Smith opens with an all-star band.  Get tickets here.

Who did the Boston Globe pick for the best music north of Boston tonight?  Our own KBMG at the Old Sloop Coffee House.  Just in case you’re not sure this is the show for you, watch the video above.  Nothing more to say.

The KBMG show will sell out, so for those of you don’t make it in time, there are over a dozen other good choices for live music.  See the full live music lineup here.

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