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Sober Connections Presents “The Spring Event” at the Cape Ann

All proceeds going towards the non profit filing costs for Sober Connections Inc.
Big Giveaway Prizes during event from Local Merchants (Save your admission Ticket Stubs!)
Kids under 12 Free
Doors open at 7pm
Please consider our “Sponsor a Ticket” program. You can purchase tickets anonymously at the door or on our website, for those new in sobriety that would love to come to have fun, but financially are struggling to make ends meet as they walk the path to stay sober.
To Purchase tickets in advance, please visit Http://SoberConnections.org

(Any Local Merchants wanting to participate in the “Local Merchant Giveaway, feel free to email Daniel Driscoll at danield@SoberConnections.net to make arraignments to pick up your gift certificate or donation to show those new to sobriety that the community cares and are behind them.)

Chickity Check It! Dan Driscoll’s Visit Cape Ann


Dan Driscoll has been putting together a sort of local business directory at his site Visit Cape Ann.  You can check out a bunch of listings and the map he has put together at VisitCapeAnn.net

It’s very slick and polished.

According to the site, the proceeds go to SoberConnections

All the net proceeds of advertising revenue on this website will go to Sober Connections, an organization looking to get to a non profit status, to help fund the legal costs of filing for their 501 C3, local events and outreach programs they are having in the Cape Ann area, as well as finding and funding a more permanent home for their eventuates and much needed office space.

End of Summer Splash!!

Hey everyone!
Well just a recap of what’s going on for the August 29th 2010 upcoming event called “The End of Summer Splash”. We are scheduled to open the Gates around 12-12:30 PM to offer the live music and events from 1-6PM. The Weather is looking to be around 88 degrees and sunny so bring your bathing suit and a towel for the pool! There will be two lifeguards on duty. The picnic tables will fill up fast, so please feel free to bring a chair or a blanket to throw out on the ground to enjoy the festivities. People have been asking about can they bring food or snacks even though the barbecue is provided, and we say “Sure!” The Barbecue is just the basics, burgers, dogs, and soda.

We also have heard back from a few of the vendors and local merchants, and it looks like there will be at least 10 or more showing up for those who might have missed the sidewalk bizarre and wanted to break up their afternoon browsing and buying the wares they have to offer. We definitely have a few clothing, jewelry, and bag vendors coming, as well as a massage therapist (5 dollar massages & a chance to win a 90 minute massage!), as well as a character artist, and the Slush people! We are hoping that Dan the Sand Art vendor will confirm as well. I had hoped to have the class of 2013 Gloucester high school girls come and face paint, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Anyone Like to face paint?..lol

We have also been informed today that Camp Spindrift will allow those people with their pooches in the festival, but they have to be leashed at all times, and they must be picked up after. We hope to see as many of you there this weekend!

Remember this event is designed to be an event to have a great sober time, but it is also in support of Camp Spindrift, as well as our own cause to help meet our goal of raising funds to start the much needed Non-Profit status we seek. Below is what we sent out to the different supporters and local media outlets in order to spread the word for those who are not on Sober Connections or in Cape Ann.

Ok enough said. Our venue for August 29, 2010 incorporate the following

• Local live bands and music from 1-6pm
• A barbecue included in the ticket pricing
• Children’s activities and games
• The use of Camp Spindrift’s pool with lifeguards
• And we will also have vendor and organization information stations, set up around the event grounds, to help the parents and kids break up the afternoon and do some worthwhile shopping or organizational awareness!

Some of the local merchants and organizations that have contributed or are sponsoring us currently without the benefit of us having a Non-Profit status yet are:

The Common Crow – Gloucester MA,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Lone Gull Coffee House – Gloucester MA
Sunbanque Tanning Salon – Gloucester MA,                                                                                                                                                                                                                 GimmeSound.com (Internet – Music)
Jalepeneos Restaurant – Gloucester MA,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Fatima’s Hair Design – Gloucester MA
7 Seas Whale Watch – Gloucester MA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Eric’s Place – Restaurant Gloucester MA

Many other helpful contributions of direction, insight, and encouragement from Cape Ann’s Merchants and Organizations have helped us to get this far.

Sober Connections & Cape Ann YMCA Camp Spindrift’s Summer Splash!
Location: Camp Spindrift – 13 Atlantic Avenue, Gloucester Massachusetts 01930
Start date: Sun, Aug 29, 2010 1:00 PM Duration: 5 hours

Come Join us for an End of Summer Live Music and Barbecue at Camp Spindrift in Gloucester MA.

This Event will feature live local bands, a barbecue (which is included in the ticket price), Full use of the campground facilities, use of the Camp Pool with Lifeguards, Activities for the Kids, as well as some vendors coming to show some of their wares. We have two admission prices to help cover the costs and to support Camp Spindrift.

Single Admission is $15.00 and a Family Admission is $25.00 The Family admission is for two adults and children under 16 (bring em’ all!) Tickets are on sale online as well as at the door!

Feel free to contact Dan Driscoll at 508-468-7556 or call Rick at Camp Spindrift for more information!

Ticket Sales:

Daniel R Driscoll

To read more, click here.

August 29th Gloucester Event -Free Vendor Tables!

Dear Potential Vendors and Organizations!

Subject: SoberConnections.net & Cape Ann YMCA Camp Spindrift Event

I’m writing you since you showed an express interest in participating in our August 29 2010 upcoming
event called “End of Summer Splash”. We are scheduled to open the Gates around 12-12:30 PM and
the live music and events will be from 1-6PM. This is a Rain or Shine Event.

This is totally FREE to you the vendor, just set up and good luck! Since this is our first large event,
we cannot promise what our turnout is going to be, it could be 50 or 500. That being the case, we felt
that we couldn’t charge for vendor or organization booths.

This Event is the vision of SoberConnections.net being hosted at Cape Ann’s YMCA Camp Spindrift, 13 Atlantic Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930.

We at Sober Connections are striving to create events for the sober communities here on the North
Shore, and hopefully expand across the state. Our Social Website, http://www.SoberConnections.net has
started picking up people from all across the country! Our goal is to bring to the sober community a true
sense community awareness that there are fun things to do without the use and abuse of alcohol and
or drugs, and with our website, a forum for people to find or share these events whether it be just a
group of people heading to the movies, or a large event like we are pulling together for this venue.

We have been creating smaller venue events now for about 8 months, mostly local bands and dances,
but are stretching our wings to do this outdoor Bands and Barbeque Family Time event in the hopes of
raising monies not only for Camp Spindrift, but also for our quest to become nonprofit.

Ok enough said. Our venue for August 12, 2010 incorporate the following

*Local live bands and music from 1-6pm

*A barbeque that is included in the ticket pricing

*Children’s activities and games

*The use of Camp Spindrift’s Pool with lifeguards

*And hopefully you, the vendors and organizations, to help the parents and kids break up the
afternoon and do some worthwhile shopping or organization awareness!

What we would like from you if you’re interested in setting up, is to just answer the following questions
and contact info, and e-mail it (or snail mail with a quick telephone confirmation) back to us at

Danield@SoberConnections.net. Please let us know as well if you cannot so I don’t send out an annoying follow up e-mail.. lol.


•Vendor Organization Name?

•Vendor Organization info?

•Type of Goods or Organizational program?

•Setup Space needed?

Thanks for responding back to us, and we hope you have a Profitable (in sales or
knowledge) and Fun time with us!

Daniel R Driscoll
SoberConnections. net

We would like to have you onsite to setup before 11:30am so we may organize your vehicles and have
a nice clean festive look for the ticket holders when they start filtering in around 12:30ish.