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Cynthia Hill Shows Off Some of Her First Photos From The Sony I Recommended For Her

Cynthia writes-

Thanks to Joey……

Love it, still haven’t a clue but will have fun learning…

Please see attached – shooting directly into the sun shows the curvature of the earth! How cool is that? Great of David as well!!!

Yeah I know it was on panoramic…couldn’t get rid of it!

Thank you so much.


click the photos for larger versions


Here’s the camera I recommended for her-


The price has come down some.  I paid $359 for mine two months ago.

Here’s my recommended camera list-

GMG Tech Talk- Revising My Recommended Camera List

FOB Cynthia Hill Takes Some Pics of Gloucester FROM The Seven Seas Navigator Cruise Ship

By now we’ve seen many fantastic cruise ship pictures of the boats but here’s what the passengers of these cruise ships see when they enter Gloucester.

Cynthia writes-

This is a wonderful ship, and what I think is the best cruise line afloat. Great fares – not inexpensive but completely inclusive – air, liquor, shore excursions, and gratuities! May seem high but when you look at what you spend on other lines with the nickel and diming that happens you actually save money. The only extra charges are for Canyon Ranch Spa Afloat….We’re not talking Carnival here, Regent is certainly high-end, but that said – it consistently offers the very best bang for the buck….did I mention all cabins are suites with walk in closets, a tub and shower in the bath, and almost all have balconies.

Thanks for letting me brag about this cool company!


Cynthia Hill Represents! In Cerabaia Italy!

Use them if you want Joey!!!

The one in the center of town is a small town outside Florence, Cerbaia, where we rented our villa….the wine and olive oil shot, at a restaurant/hotel in Sinalunga, one of my most favorites ~ Locanda Dell’Amorosa.

I will begin my Italian Food & Wine custom designed groups again in the fall of 2011.

Ciao, Cynthia



Cynthia Hill Represents Down In Key West!

We still have some Gloucester stickers so if you are going on vacation send in a self stamped addressed envelope, take your pic with “Da Sticka”  and we will put your pic up here from a cool spot!  Look in the right hand column of the blog for directions on how to get your free Gloucester Sticker

Thanks Cynthia!

, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Cynthia Hill Represents!

Dear you,

We just returned from a great cruise to Central America aboard the Seven Seas Navigator – a sleek 490 passenger, 6* ship, owned by Regent Cruise Lines, out of Ft; Lauderdale. This is probably our 7th or 8th cruise with them on one of their three stellar ships.

The great thing about these cruises is that they are inclusive of air, liquor, wines, shore excursions and gratuities ~ I do hate ships that nickel and dime you to death, none of that here!

Be sure to run a photo of the world’s best bartender – John, from Malta!
Have know him for several years and he mixes the best of the best, and he’s a great guy. I want to send the blog to him on the ship!

We were in Cozumel, Belize, Guatemala and Key West…..as you’ll see.

Hope spring comes soon, I miss Gloucester, and visiting you.

Stay healthy and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.


MS Fram Pics From Aboard The Ship From Cynthia Hill

MS Fram Pics From Aboard The Ship From Cynthia Hill, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

From FOB Cynthia Hill-

Hi cutie,
Totally wonderful to see you today…..sorry, nobody could visit the bridge today, as the Coasties were aboard, in deep discussion with the Captain, but I did take a few pictures – poor ones, but pictures none the less.
This is an exploration ship, spending most of her time in and around the Arctic Circle, Greenland and the Antarctica – this is a repositioning cruise, which is generally lower in cost, to get the ship to South America to begin the winter season in Antartica.
The FRAM’s skipper, Captain Arnvid Hansen was the captain who rescued 154 passengers from MS Explorer, after she hit an iceberg and sank in 2007. Captain Hansen was the skipper of the Nordnorge at the time, and executed a perfect recovery, saving all involved.
The FRAM was built two years ago, and can hold 391 passengers. The furnishings are crisp,bright and have the clean lines of typical Scandinavian style.  Have attached a few pictures, including, Capt. Joey’s, from the Observation Lounge.
Sorry, Joey….I know you wanted the bridge.
See you next week,

View Of Captain Joe and Sons From The Top Deck Of The MS Fram

View Of Captain Joe and Sons From The Top Deck Of The MS Fram

MS Fram Pics From Aboard The Ship From Cynthia Hill

MS Fram Pics From Aboard The Ship From Cynthia Hill

Cabin Pic Aboard The MS Fram

Cabin Pic Aboard The MS Fram