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Big Time Thanks To Bobby Ryan From Ryan and Wood For The Custom Coasters For All Our FOB’s and SOB’s To Take Home Tomorrow Night at The GMG Holiday Party at Bodin Historic Photo


If you’re not drinking Ryan and Wood Spirits you’re not drinking the smoothest most luxurious spirits known to man.  That’s a well known fact- you can look it up.

I’m not sure if the Knockabout Gin chilled down icy cold with tonic is my favorite or the Beauport Vodka Tonic icy cold with tonic is my favorite but I’ll tell you unequivocally they are my absolute favorite in each of their respective vodka and gin categories to drink.

I’ve been sitting (not literally) on these coasters since late last summer to unleash tehm upon our FOB’s at our Holiday Party!  Get there early and get yours to take on your winter trips and Represent!



It’s like this- When you put it all together- the locally produced and sold, highly regarded, easily attainable, easily packagable in one of those liquor gift bags, there is nothing in the entire city that is as easy to gift and as highly regarded as a bottle or three of Ryan and Wood Booze.  Ask Terry Weber.  She had her engagement party last Saturday.  I’m stuck at the dock all day long and couldn’t get to the party til after 8PM.  What do I do?  Slip into the liquor store, get a bottle of Ryan and Wood Folly Cove Rum, stuff it in a gift bag- #Boom!  Easy Peasy lemon Squeazy All Time Greatest Most Appreciated Simple To get Gift.