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Great News- Andiamos Sign Is Back Up!

To say that I’m excited by the prospect of Andiamos re-opening in the space where Culina Cafe has occupied for the past couple of years would be an understatement.  While Culina Cafe offered very generous portions while they were open, the people who ran Andiamos had some fantastic dishes.

I noticed the sign had changed yesterday so of course I’m going to have to stop and get that picture and bring my loyal readers the news first!

Picture taken Dec 21,2010-

Pictures from Andiamos-

Native Clam Plate $7.95? What?

Udine4less_LOGO2Ok, I wouldn’t of believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. There is a new restaurant in town called Culina’s. They are on Washington Street where Trupiano’s use to be back in the day. A few places have come and gone, but the newest owner that has inhabited the building is trying something pretty bold, and from what i hear, pretty tasty. Dan down at Culina’s is offering a Native Clam or Scallop Plate for $9.95. Now wait a minute, thats not all. Dan has put up a coupon on Udine4less that will take an additional $2.00 off the price to bring it down to $7.95. Yes – I said $7.95 for Native Clams, Fries and Cole Slaw. As I am writing this, Culina’s is closed for the night, or I would have gone down and took a photo for GMG to behold. Right now, Culina’s is a takeout restaurant, but soon may add a few tables for dining in. I do promise to get a photo and post it here soon. In the mean time, looks like we  have a GMG Deal Alert!!!!


GMG_Deal Alert

Culina Coupon


Culina Cafe Steak and Cheese Sub

I finally got in to Culina Cafe for some food and it was outstanding.  The steak and cheese was made from quality shaved beef and was very tasty with a soft roll and large portion.  I also got a crispy chicken Caesar wrap which was bursting with flavor and a ridiculous value at $3.95

They also are selling 2 aquafina waters for $1.  I’ll be back for sure.

Culina Cafe-First Look Interview With Owner Daniel Macintyre

When driving to work two days ago I noticed the sign in the window of former Trupiano’s, Causeway Panini and Andiamo’s which read Culina Cafe.  I called and made sure we got in there to get you the scoop first.

Here’s Daniel Macintyre who brings an impressive culinary resume to the Culina Cafe.  Play the video to hear what he has in store for the place and why Gloucester is the right place to locate his business.

Breaking News- Former Andiamo’s Site To Open As Culina’s Cafe

Driving to work this morning at 4:30AM I noticed this new sign in the window.  I’ll have to get in there for the scoop.  If anyone has any info, feel free to call in to the GMG listener line at- (978) 903-0622