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Cookbook Gala Prep! One Day Left To Get Sista Felicia’s Cookbook Launch Gala Tickets- You Can Get Them Here At The Dock or At Mamie’s Kitchen!

Daphne Papp Photos-

Assembling Centerpieces!




Cookie Being Made-



Centerpieces with Frank Ciolino Made Banner Held By Dee Noble and Skylar-


Making The Red Pasta


IMG_3490For Anyone That Has Yet To Purchase A  Ticket I Have Them Here At The Dock

Captain Joe and Sons

95 East Main St

Gloucester MA

You can come get yours here.

Here she is at Cruiseport Working Out the details of the ridiculous menu.

Lots of her recipes will be served- She tells me the menu will be coming to post soon.  Every last detail she’s been working on feverishly to make it a spectacular event.  Huge huge thanks to Sheree DeLorenzo and her staff at Cruiseport for catering to her special requests to make this night a night to remember.

invite-ticket-front-633px (1)

Sheree Zizik and Cruiseport Gloucester personally deliver breaking news to Sista Felicia that they will be rolling out the Red Carpet to make The Cookbook Launch Party a night Gloucester will remember!

Sista Felicia writes-

In early June, I reached out to Sheree Zizik about having the Gifts of Gold: In a Sicilian Kitchen with Sista Felicia Cookbook Launch Gala at Cruiseport Gloucester’s exquisite ballroom. I knew her venue overlooking Gloucester’s beautiful working harbor would be the perfect place for this celebration. Sheree is a community-oriented businesswoman who, time and time again, generously gives of herself and her business establishment, taking excellent care of her customers with the utmost attention and respect. She welcomed me with open arms and embraced hosting the cookbook event as if it were her own. She immediately reassured me that she personally would see that every detail planned would be delivered Sista Felicia style.
It was Sheree who guaranteed recipes from my cookbook would be prepared and served by her caterer, Vinwood Catering. It was Sheree’s idea to literally roll out the red carpet upon which guests would walk. It was Sheree’s idea to give GoodmorningGloucester’s paparazzi a designated spot to photograph guests as they arrived at Cruiseport for the Gala. It was Sheree who insisted all would be taken care of, thus allowing me to be able to relax and to enjoy the festivities with my guests.
Merely thanking Sheree is not enough. I am so grateful to know her and to call her my friend. Gloucester is so lucky to have such a community-spirited and dedicated business owner in its midst. Please help me thank Sheree Zizik for her part in creating such an extraordinary celebratory evening by supporting her and Cruiseport Gloucester in the future.
Here is the Gala’s menu…straight from the pages of Gifts of Gold…
Butlered Hors D’oeuvres
Fried Muddica Steak Skewers
Butternut Squash and Leek Soup Shooters
Caprese Crostini with Basil Pesto
Fried Chickpea Wedges
Caramelized Onion and Pear Flatbread Pizza with Prosciutto and Baby Arugula
Eggplant Caponala Crostini
Antipasto Misto
A colorful offering of grilled asparagus tips, imported olives, marinated cremini mushrooms, roasted sweet red and yellow peppers, stuffed sweet peppadews, stuffed cherry peppers, artichoke hearts, smoked meats, seasoned boconccini, gorgonzola, and provolone accompanied by breadsticks and focaccia bread.
Baked Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Dip
With assorted gourmet crackers
Pasta Station
Penne with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce
Tri-colored Tortellini with Meat Sauce
Fresh Breadsticks
Dessert & Coffee Station
Assorted Italian Cookies and Torrone
Provided by Sista Felicia
Featured Cocktail for the Evening
Sista Felicia’s Lemon Drop Cocktail

GloucesterCast 6/6/13 With Guest Ron Gilson and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast 6/6/13 With Guest Ron Gilson and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Click to play-

Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include:

International Dory Races, Gloucester Harbor Launch,Boating Season, Gloucester Harbor Water Shuttle, Vacationing In Gloucester Totally Based On Public Transportation, The Accommodations At Rocky Neck, The Gloucester House, Cruiseport, The Patio

Our Joey Receives Community Builder Award!!!

Joey Ciaramitaro Receives Outstanding Community Builder Award

Highlights from this morning’s The Open Door Autumn Breakfast ~

Joey received the “Outstanding Community Builder Award”–so well-deserved, as anyone who is involved with GMG knows. His love for the people of Gloucester and for our community is evidenced a hundred times a day through his commitment to Good Morning Gloucester. We who are GMG contributors are blessed to share in his passion.

The Open Door Award Recipients

Nicole Duckworth and Family

Amanda Donovan

Joey and Mom ~ She’s so Proud!

Felicia, Joey, Pat, Sefatia,

Sista Felicia, Joey, Pat

Julia LaFontaine, The Open Door Executive Director and Senator Bruce Tarr

Ed Collard, Joey, and Pat

Taken From The Outdoor Deck At The Seaport Grille Cruiseport- Turbine Panorama (Must Have Been Photoshopped)

What you are looking at is a mirage.

This isn’t really happening because as we all know Marine Industrial Activity and Non-Marine Industrial Activity Can’t Co-exist.  You can’t have all this marine industrial activity and loud cranes operating right in front of the area where people are eating their lunch on an open air deck.  That’s just preposterous!!!

What’s Next?  Dogs and Cats Living Together?

From Ghostbusters-

Dr. Peter Venkman: This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.
Mayor: What do you mean, “biblical”?
Dr Ray Stantz: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Exactly.
Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!
Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!
Mayor: All right, all right! I get the point!

Click for larger view-


BTW, that Fishing boat in the left of the frame?  Must have also been photoshopped, you can’t have fishing oats tied up at places where there are open air-restaurants.  No-way- No how! Photoshopped or mirage- you make the call.


Video: Gloucester’s First Wind Turbine Transported Through the Inner Harbor

Filmed on October 15th, 2012. I began filming the barge carrying Gloucester’s first wind turbine at daybreak, from Niles Beach, as it was being prepared for transport through the inner harbor. Leaving Niles, I jumped in my car and raced over to Rocky Neck to catch the barge as it was rounding the Paint Factory jetty. The barge moved slowly and majestically through the harbor, dwarfing the wooden clapboard homes and working waterfront buildings. The sky was mostly overcast, and when the sun shone briefly, the metal siding of the tugboat Orion and the steely gray cylinders shimmered in the early morning light.

I then zoomed back to my car and drove to the Jodrey Fish Pier, which was a great vantage point to film as the barge was approaching its destination, the Cruiseport launching site.

At the State Pier, many people were photographing and marveling at the enormity of the wind turbine. The largest turbine section purportedly weighs over a million pounds. Shree Delorenzo, co-owner of Cruiseport, reports that she had to engage a structural engineer to ensure that her dock could withstand the weight of the turbine, along with the two cranes, and the counter weights.

The London Symphony Orchestra performing Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 in C Major, Opus 21.

Created for Good Morning Gloucester

Special thanks to Joey Ciaramitaro, Mayor Carolyn Kirk, Sheree Delorenzo of Cruiseport, and Mark Baldwin, Baldwin Crane.

Wind Turbine Transportation Time- Lapse Video From Jay Groccia

Jay Groccia from http://www.onsitestudios.com/   writes-

Hi Joey,

I was hired by Varian Semiconductor to produce a time-lapse documentary film of the installation of their wind turbine.

I started shooting this week and I met Fred of Bodin Historic Photo while the hostess was getting me a coffee Gloucester Cruiseport restaurant. He asked me a few questions about the project and then we said goodbye. The next day I walked into his shop and as soon as I entered he exclaimed, "Hey, I met you last night!". We chatted more and then he introduced me to your blog.

Here is a sneak peek of the film – it shows the barge arriving and a blade getting transported to the site.

Baldwin Crane Men at Work at Cruiseport Launching Site

Rick Johnson, Applied Materials Director of Facilities and Mark Baldwin, Baldwin Crane CEO 

Click images to view larger.

When I asked Mark Baldwin if he minded if I took a few snapshot of the men at work, he said go ahead and graciously introduced me to a few of the guys.  I was thinking we have posted many fabulous photos of the equipment and turbine, but few of the men working. As Mark said, “The equipment is impressive, but my crew makes it all happen.”

Mark Baldwin is the third generation of the family-owned Baldwin Crane & Equipment Corporation. To read the company’s interesting history and about their crisis/response program (and why the Baldwin apple is their log), visit the company’s website. From roots in dairy farming in Wilmington, Massachusetts, to meeting today’s heavy lifting needs in the most challenging environments, Baldwin Crane provides innovative lifting solutions. They have worked on projects as diverse as the new Mets Stadium and the search and rescue efforts at Ground Zero in New York City.

Links: Baldwin Crane Crisis ResponseBaldwin Crane History

Rick Allen, Baldwin Crane Operating Engineer, Local 4 

Billy Scritchfield Baldwin Crane Operating Engineer Local 4

John Swenson Baldwin Crane Lead Driver, Rick Allen, and Colman Crowley, Baldwin Crane Iron Worker, Local 7 ~ Colman Crowley lives in Gloucester.

Rick Allen and Colman Crowley

Mark Baldwin and Rick Johnson

Links: Baldwin Crane Crisis Response, Baldwin Crane History

Turbine Offloading From The Barge Complete- Pic From Fred Bodin

Fred writes-

One of the three wind turbine blades is lowered down onto the parking lot at Cruiseport Gloucester. By the time I finished my dinner at the Seaport Grill, they had all been moved and the Chem Caribe was cleared off. I was told that the barge had to leave tomorrow, because the dock was reserved for another vessel. So all that needs to be done at Cruiseport is haul the remaining cylindrical tower sections and the blades to the erection site in Blackburn Industrial Park.


Video: The Three CEOs: Explanations Of How The Turbine Will be Constructed and More

Mayor Kirk speaks with Baldwin Crane CEO Mark Baldwin and Varian Director of Facilities Rick Johnson. Mark Baldwin has some nice things to say about Sheree Delornezo, owner and operator of Cruiseport, Gloucester.


Does the offloading of giant turbines from barges, pumping of herring, tying up of fishing boats, offloading cruiseships, loading of welding supplies for the LNG terminal in front of an outdoor dining facility put to rest the notion that marine industrial activity and non-marine industrial activity can’t co-exist?


Herring Offloading At Cruiseport

Posted on November 13, 2008 by Joey C

Herring Offloading At Cruiseport, originally uploaded by captjoe06.



American Glory Cruise Ship at Cruiseport

Posted on July 29, 2008 by Joey C

Here’s the cruise ship that pulled into port Tuesday. It looked kinda old by today’s cruise ship standards, but well maintained (at least from the outside).

American Glory Cruise Ship at Cruiseport, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Sea Farmer II Nestled In Next To The Schooner Adventure

Posted on June 15, 2008 by Joey C

Sea Farmer II Nestled In Next To The Schooner Adventure, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Beautiful Industry- The View From the Deck- Seaport Grille Gloucester MA

Posted on July 20, 2011 by Joey C


Cape Ann Chamber’s Government Affairs Council Congressional Debate October 26th at Cruiseport

Brought To You By The Cape Ann Chamber’s Government Affairs Council

Congressional Debate

"Advocacy In Action"

Friday, October 26

Cruiseport Gloucester
6 Rowe Square, Gloucester

$30 (Advance)

$35 (Week/Day of)

7:00 to 7:30 am – Check In & Networking

7:30 to 8:00 am – Breakfast

8:00 to 9:30 am – Debate

Join us for a Congressional Debate among the three candidates for United States Representative for the 6th Congressional District of Massachusetts.

The debate will be open to Chamber members and the general public and will be moderated by Robert Visnick. Questions will be posed by a panel of Cape Ann journalists. If you have questions that you would like considered for the candidates, please submit them to robert@capeannchamber.com.

Preregistration is highly recommended as this event will fill up quickly.

To make a reservation, contact Robert Heidt at

robert@capeannchamber.com or call 978-283-1601.

Holland America Cruise Ship Eurodam Coming to Cruiseport Sunday, September 16

Peter Webber writes-

Good day. I am writing today to remind everyone that the next major cruise ship of the season will be arriving in Gloucester Harbor on this coming Sunday, September 16: Holland America’s cruise ship the ms Eurodam, with a capacity of 2104 passengers. Once again the Chamber will be working together with the city of Gloucester’s volunteer welcoming committee and CATA to welcome and guide Eurodam’s passengers as they disembark and arrive at the Cruiseport terminal. The first tenders carrying passengers from the ship are expected to arrive at Cruiseport at approximately 9:00 am Sunday.  Many will board motor coaches for planned excursions to various locations, while many others will be guided to CATA trolleys and buses for transportation to downtown Gloucester and Rockport. 

Please note the attached “Welcome Eurodam Passengers” flyer, which we encourage you to print and post at your place of business to help give the Eurodam passengers a hearty Cape Ann welcome.  I have also attached a flyer featuring several upcoming Chamber and community events scheduled for September and October, including next Tuesday’s (September 18) sales seminar with author Marc Wayshak at the Elks at Bass Rocks, beginning with check-in at 7:30 am.  Please contact the Chamber today to reserve your place.  Best regards. Peter




So I Head Over To Deliver Lobsters At Cruiseport

2012-06-17 11.11.44

It’s 11:00AM, and there’s only a handful of restaurant patrons but the kitchen is buzzing with about 5 chefs and 10 servers in anticipation of a busy afternoon ahead.  I poke my head into the back prep room and there’s Sheree DeLorenzo head down with her apron on shucking lobsters.  The woman doesn’t stop.  You’d think with a restaurant this big and with a staff that large the owner would be pointing fingers telling the chefs what to do or having her managers telling her chefs what to do, but no.  She’s out back at the sink shucking away with a smile on her face.  The American Workhorse defined.

This is part of what makes a great entrepreneur, a willingness to get your hands dirty and do whatever it takes.  No job is beneath the American entrepreneur.

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