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Live Blogging: Shopping CHAOS..aka StoreGate

Yep, it’s pure chaos out here at the “Ghetto Shaw’s ” today because of Blizzard 2015. It’s 10:30 am, and simply too late to prepare for the worst. I would suggest going to the “Gucci” Shaw’s, or the “Beverly Hills Basket” where I hear is the only place to for for essentials.

No chance at the deli.

The end of the eggs.

Dairy is all but gone.

Wow, it’s a rat race.

Need a brush or shovel? Nope.

And the check out lines? INSANE! Backed all the way up to the crappy tabloid zines!

Who’s ghetto now? You can stand in line like the gubment is handing out cheese, or come to the hood and grab a few things. Thank you “South Side Shaw’s” for making my day!