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Cornelius HauckI adore my father-in-law, especially for his wit and sense of humor. He and my mother-in-law are here visiting for the week for my husband Tom’s 60th birthday. My father-in-law will be NINETY next May 5th. During dinner several nights ago he told us that he belongs to a club that meets every Friday for lunch. They call themselves the ROMEOs, an acronym for Really Old Men Eating Out. They go to each other’s clubs, drink a great deal, and eat fun appetizers such as water chestnuts wrapped in bacon and pigs-in-a-blanket, but then are usually too toasted to actually eat lunch. When I’m ninety I hope to have as much joie de vivre as does he!

Happy Father’s Day!

Wishing all the Good and Loving, Hardworking, and Fabulous Dads a Very


Cornelius Hauck ©Kim Smith 2014Always taking family snapshots, the man behind the camera ~

My father-in-law, Cornelius Hauck, who has been like a father to me since the day his son and I married. My husband is extraordinarily blessed to have grown up with a man such as he. I admire my father-in-law so much for his kindhearted spirit, sense of humor, wit, steadfastness, generosity, interest in and gentleness with our children, and fairness in all things family. He leads by example. My father-in-law is ROCK STEADY!–and turning 90 next year!!! I wish everyone could have a father with all his same qualities–the world would be a much better place for it. He’ll never see this post, but I am wishing him an extra special Happy Father’s Day!

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