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Corey Tevan’s gallery on Bearskin Neck

Last weekend I went for a stroll in Rockport to visit some of the shops and galleries that are starting to open, now that warmer weather is here.

Among the doors that were open was that of Corey Tevan’s gallery on Bearskin Neck.

It’s worth the visit just to meet Corey, who is a very warm and interesting person.  He brings a great spiritual and artistic sensitivity to his work.

Many of the paintings on display are ethereal, otherworldly cityscapes with one or two dominant, deeply saturated hues, although examples of other kinds of work are also on display – some with brilliant rainbows of color, as you can see in the background of the last photo in this post.  Some of the paintings exhibited are still works in process, at varying stages – from fathomless starry skies waiting to be occupied, to cities still emerging from the blue mist of the canvas.

I ended up buying one of the smaller paintings that really caught my fancy.  Maybe someday I’ll save up and buy one of the big ones… I find his work very calming and engrossing to view.

There were a few other people visiting the gallery at that time, one of whom turned out to be a very skilled magician, Dario Pittore.  He dazzled us with a few tricks, including making a tree and a ladder appear out of old newspapers.

His gallery is at 60 Bearskin Neck. Stop in and check it out when you get a chance! It’s really worth it.