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New Coral From Bob and Dave’s Finds It’s Home

We have a couple of these floor to ceiling bookcases which sat empty for 4 years or so.  We didn’t want to just fill it up with knick-knacky crap and have waited to put stuff we really dig.  So the coral I found the other day at Bob and Dave’s has found a new home on this shelf.

Coral At Bob And Dave’s

We’ve been getting out of work late and on the drive home I always pass by Bob and Dave’s in the dark when they have long since closed.  They have redone their window display with some really cool stuff so I had meant to get in there to check out what the boys had been up to.

As luck would have it yesterday morning when I was going for my coffee Bob and Dave were directly in front of me and pulled in so I pulled in next to them and had a peek inside.


Don’t tell the Mrs -this is one of her Christmas presents that I bought yesterday. It’s for a small shell and coral collection on our bookcase.

Coral At Bob And Dave’s, originally uploaded by captjoe06.