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Gloucester Harborwalk Construction Update- Between Fisherman’s Wharf and Lat 43

These photos taken yesterday are from streetside looking toward the harbor between Lat43 and Fisherman’s Wharf.  Below you see photos from 1980 Harbor looking toward these two buildings provided by FOB Frank Ciolino.


Thwall o the left in the top picture is depicted in this photo FOB Frank Ciolino

Fisherman’s Wharf 1980-

Harborwalk Construction Update Gloucester MA

The wood they are using for this part of the Harbor Walk is about a dense a material as I’ve ever handled.  the guy pictured here tells me it will outlast all of us.  They wax the ends of the wood before installation to seal them.  this part is next to Cape Ann Brewing and St peter’s Park

Looking Good!


Up On The Roof- Temple Ahavat Achim Construction And Gloucester Pics From Wayyyy Up High 9/7/10

A little snug around the nuts, but you know what they say- “Safety First!”


Being deathly afraid of heights you might imagine how badly my knees were knocking as I went to the highest peak of the building.  I get freaked out standing on top of a desk to change a lightbulb, but knowing that there was a rare opportunity to bring you guys a perspective that you most likely will never have the opportunity to see, I went for it.  The arrow points to the spot where I took a ton of pictures at the very top of the Temple Ahavat Achim.  This construction is replacing the Temple which was destroyed in a horrible fire a couple of years ago.


Many pictures and video coming soon

click the pic for larger version


Downtown Construction Update 4/20/09

Here’s the latest installment of teh construction project taking place Downtown at the site of the formers Gray’s Hardware building.  For the slideshow of the progress to date click this text

It looks like the foundation has been poured and now some holes have been dug to pour footings for supports in the middle of the building.

Downtown Construction Update 3/22/09

We will be detailing the construction progress on these pages as new stuff happens.  GMG brought you pictures and video of the demolition of the former site and now it looks like the footings are poured and it’s time for the foundation.

Downtown Construction Update, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Jalepenos Construction Update 8/4/08

The bar is hugggggggge.  It’s starting to really take shape. Luis told me that the bar will seat 18.

I dig the warm colors they are using.  It will be a welcoming dining experience in the dead of winter when everything is cold and gray.

Major Upgrade at Charlie’s Place

Copper flashing and what looks to be slate tiled roofing.

If it isn’t real slate, they sure fooled me, it looks great regardless.

Some very nice touches compared to the old building.

Two thumbs up.