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Raw Footage Preview of Chelsea Berry at North Shore Music Theatre last night

Local photographer / filmmaker Brendan Pike shot some excellent video last night of the Chelsea Berry Band rocking the North Shore Music Theatre “like nobody has ever done before,” as one long-time theatre-goer exclaimed after the show.

Of course you are among the very first people to see this raw footage because you’re an FOB!  And as soon as we have more to share (Brendan shot Chelsea’s entire set), you’ll be first to see that video too.

Tomorrow will rock with a New Orleans flavor when Aaron Neville takes the stage with Henri Smith opening — There are still tickets left (get them here), and, as you can tell by this video, which was shot from behind the LAST ROW, all seats are good seats.  No; make that GREAT seats.  And the sound is spectacular!

Weather is clear and looks perfect for the evening, so get out to Fiesta and party!  Over a dozen great choices for live music in town tonight.  Check out the full live music schedule here.