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Would you pay double to see a classic like Springsteen play ONLY His Old Stuff?

How many times have you gone to see a musician that has a library of 20-40 incredible classic songs, pay huge money for the tickets and then endure over half the songs off the new album they just put out with songs you’d never heard of?

You’re standing in the audience expecting to hear Rosalita and Badlands and three or four songs in a row go by and there isn’t a single song you recognize.

Before everyone jumps down my throat, I completely understand the need to grow as an artist and explore and create new stuff so you can satisfy your own desire to create.  I get that.  When I feel like the blog has been stagnant and we haven’t come up with new ideas in a while I get extremely irritable and it’s when we break new ground or stories that I feel most satisfied with the work we’re doing.

But what I’m talking about is strictly from the consumer’s standpoint.

Would you as a consumer be willing to pay double for a ticket to a classic band if they promised a complete show of pure top number one hits and nothing new?

Because I rarely go to concerts any more, I would.

Wouldn’t it be great if say Springsteen alternated years where one year he does the classics tour and then the following year he plays a mix of classics and new stuff?