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Community Plots Coming Along At Burnham’s Field

Here is MouseyDew’s Photo of her plot-

Dew writes-

My plot is mostly focused on things that can be used in soup or pasta sauce: cherry and slicing tomatoes, yellow onions, garlic, cabbage, chard and celery. By using creative stakes on the tomatoes, it will help maximize what I can harvest from the space. I’ll probably replace the chard with kale later on to have a little more roughage for the fall. Be sure to bring the Bean by for a visit!

You can follow along the Burnham Field Community Garden Posts on Twitter by following this hashtag- #BFCG

John McElhenny Reports-


The plantings are in the ground at the Burnham’s Field community garden! On Saturday, the gardeners finished building the 20 raised beds, put up a fence to keep pets out, and began the really fun part: growing vegetables and flowers to harvest in the months to come. A small sample of “crops” being planted includes bell peppers, zinnias, carrots, strawberries, lavender, watermelons and marigolds. Thanks very much to the Gloucester DPW for delivering two trucks full of donated compost.

Here’s the area of the Burnham’s Field community garden last week before the garden was built.

Burnham's Field garden - Before

Here’s how the garden looks now.

Burnham's Field garden - After

Paula Shevenell uses twine to build a grid to organize her garden plot. One of Paula’s plantings is a lavender plant that kids can touch and smell.

Burnham's Field garden - Paula Shevenell