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Community Photos 1/23/13

Scenes from Gloucester from Saturday Jan. 19, 2013

Hi Joey,

     My daughters, Clare and Mary, and I spent Saturday, January 19, 2013 walking around Gloucester, exploring the beach at the Stage Fort Park, then over to Magnolia for the sunset – just taking in the beauty of the place and the wildness of the windy shore.  This was my daughter, Mary’s, first time ever in Gloucester and I think she now has the same addiction to the place.  The weather and waves and wind were awesome along the Stage Fort Park, and the sunset over Magnolia was so tropical and stunning!  So glad we drove up from the South Shore to spend another fantastic day in your town!

             * feel free to post any of the photos above — just wanted you to see how much out of towners enjoy the beauty of Gloucester *

Gayle White

Janet Rice Submits-

Pretty morning after our (big!) snow storm last night.


IMG_2089IMG_2092 - Copy - Copy

Community Photos

Anthony Marks Submits-

April 16,2012 due to the heat the beach was still crowded at 4:30 pm

Good Harbor beach 4/16/2012 4:30 pm

Len Burgess Submits-

Many volunteers showed up last weekend to work at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum, building a new demonstration Steam Box for bending large planks and getting the Schooner "Lewis H. Story" (the Museum Flagship) ready for the summer season. Visitors from Oklahoma, Nantucket, Sweden and many area residents came through the yard enjoying the great weather and were very much interested in what was going on in and around the Museum.
Photos by Dave Delorey.
-Len Burgess




Photo by Carol Creed Perry. Taken early Easter morning. We were visiting from Florida. We enjoy Good Morning Gloucester every day!


Community Photos

Mike Dyer Submits-

They are: Wingersheek Beach, bright blustery spring day.


Congregational Church, Manchester BTS.


Library and Congregational church, Manchester


Janet Rice Submits-

I took this shot a few days ago while we were waiting for the rain that never came.

Best-Janet Rice


Kathryn Sift Submits-

Hi Joey,
I hope you’re well. My parents are big fans of your blog and I spotted this – attached – today on East 86th Street in Manhattan!  They, Larry and Marilyn Swift, suggested I send it to you.


Community Photos of The Day From Judith Montferrante and Joe Scamardella

Some images of the near full moon and its effects on Gloucester Good Harbor and Gloucester Harbor. Best time to shoot the moon is the day before the full moon.   Enjoy, Judith


Check out Judith’s Site Here

Hi Joey,
Taken along the Back Shore last week …
later, joe