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Second Community Meeting on Burnham’s Field is this Tuesday


Over the last two years, GoodMorningGloucester readers have followed the renovation of Burnham’s Field, the largest open green space in central Gloucester. In fact, many people who’ve read about Burnham’s Field on GMG have volunteered at Burnham’s Field clean-ups and even joined our new community garden. Thanks for all your interest!

The planned renovation of Burnham’s Field continues this Tuesday night with a second public meeting to welcome community input. Back in January, landscape architects from Weston & Sampson and city officials took ideas and comments from a gathering of more than 40 people. Now the community is invited once again to give their ideas and review several concepts for re-shaping Burnham’s Field. Anyone is welcome.

When: Tuesday, March 19 at 7:00 p.m.

Where: The Hive, 11 Pleasant Street (next to Pleasant Street Tea)

Who: Parents, children, neighbors, athletes, nature-lovers, dog-walkers – anyone interested in Burnham’s Field!

Questions?  Call Stephen Winslow, Gloucester Community Development Department, (978) 282-8007 or e-mail swinslow@gloucester-ma.gov


John McElhenny

Gloucester MA HarborWalk – Under Design Community Meeting of March 1, 2011


HarborWalk – Under Design
Community Meeting of March 1, 2011


Cambridge Seven Associates (C7A) presented an emerging design developed from the initial community workshops and their evaluation of the existing conditions along the walk.  Followup to meeting.
Got a Moment?
Along the new harborwalk, granite posts will have simple etched glass or pressed metal markers that tell a story of Gloucester.  If you know a story – a special piece of life in Gloucester – share that for the harborwalk! Contributions will be accepted until April 15th.
Cultural Art Installations

When the design is further along and possibly under construction, we will be seeking eight cultural art installations.  We will rely on the arts community to coordinate this effort.  Look for details coming soon!

Gloucester awarded $500,000 State Grant

The City received a $500,000 grant from the Massachusetts Seaport Advisory Council to fund creation of a pedestrian pathway, that will extend public access through the heart of the working harbor to the historic and cultural sites along Harbor Loop.

The HarborWalk
The HarborWalk will provide improved access to recreational and cultural opportunities such as the Fitz Henry Lane House, Maritime Heritage Center, harbor businesses and restaurants, and provide greater public access to the water’s edge. The HarborWalk will provide educational opportunities for residents and visitors to learn about the harbor’s history and Gloucester’s unique maritime heritage as well as to see and understand contemporary maritime activities. The HarborWalk will be designed to stregthen connections among the working harbor, downtown attractions and Main Street businesses. Strong design, consistent use of materials, interpretive features and public art will help create a distinctive urban landmark for the city and provide an inviting experience for visitors, residents and employees of surrounding businesses.

Click here to view the proposed route and HarborWalk Concept Plan

Harborwalk Map