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GloucesterCast 121 St Paddy’s Day 2015 With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast 121 St Paddy’s Day 2015 With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro, Snow Melt, Vacation At The Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, All Inclusive Today vs All Inclusive 15 Years Ago, Riviera Maya vs Cancun, Thanks Super K and @HRHRivieraMaya, Yoga Is Where It’s At, St Joseph’s Day Props To All The Families Who Have Kept Up The Traditions, St Paddy’s Day At The Rhumb Line, Tom O’Brien’s Baru, Mike Lindberg, Earl Foote Video, Favorite Greasy Pole Walk Video, Cacciatore’s Blowing Up Toby’s Phone While We Tape The Podcast, Cacciatore’s Opening Date Pushed Forward For Final City Permitting Sign Offs Not Opening This Saturday the 21st!!!, Boston Seafood Show, Gloucester MA Community Development, Fishermen’s Wives, Gloucester MA Fisheries Commission and Mark Ring Does Us Proud, New St Paddy’s Day GMG Sticker A Huge Hit Shout Out To The People Who Sent In SASE For Their Free Stickers, Loss Of FOB Bruce Bonham, Pulling Back On The Selfie Stick Post, Mexico Day One…, Missing Regulars Kim Smith Due To Illness and Donna Ardizzoni, Happy Kim Smith’s Daughter Liv Didn’t Plan Her Wedding During Fiesta, Electric Companies Now Fear The Efficiency of Solar Energy, Brian O’Connor Says His Solar Install Is Going To Pay Him, Vince Wilfork and Revis Leaving, Question: Will Tom Brady End His Career a Patriot?, Derek Sandersen’s Book, Foreign Affairs My New Favorite Local Restaurant, Duckworth’s, Blue Ox, Ithaki, Franklin, Passports, The Studio, Seaport Grille, The Lobster Pool, What Is The Staus Of Madfish Grille?

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Come Back Kid! chance to win a $500 complimentary overnight stay in Gloucester

Hi Joey,

GMG readers, Gloucester is looking for feedback for our local businesses.

Any FOBs that have visited Gloucester and want to help, please take a brief online survey

GMG readers who have any trade with the visitor-based economy, please have a look and share it with your customers, business travelers, and guests (especially any that travel and stay overnight).

Bonus prize! Respondents (prior visitors) who complete the survey will be entered to win a complimentary overnight stay in Gloucester with value of $500.

Per ordinance and under the direction of Community Development’s Tom Daniel and Carol Thistle, the City of Gloucester has established a tourism commission and engaged Open the Door (not to be confused with wonderful The Open Door) to gather as much information as possible for a new Five-Year Marketing Plan. One of the next steps includes casting a net far and wide for feedback from Gloucester visitors. Queue this on-line survey!


Please note that the deadline is in two weeks–no later than December 5, 2014. Good luck!


Editor’s note-

I find it funny on question 11 where they ask-

*How did you get your information on Gloucester? (Check all that apply)

That Good Morning Gloucester is not listed when we probably get more web traffic than all of the other listed sites combined.

If you do indeed feel that GMG is your source of Gloucester info for events then feel free to fill us in in the “other” option on question 11.

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 29th: Reimagining Railroad 3rd Public Meeting

Cat Ryan submits-

Gloucester Community Development Department and the state’s Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Monday September 29, 2014

City Hall, Kyrouz Auditorium, 7pm

Hey Joey,

Please come for a presentation including recommendations about possible zoning and planning THIS COMING MONDAY September 29, 2014, from 6PM-8PM at Kyrouz Auditorium in City Hall. As a reminder, this series is devoted to Gloucester’s railroad station and surrounding areas. The first meeting was held back in March, and the 2nd in June.

While we’re at it: sample walking-distance comparables from train station to beach.

· Manchester: train station to singing beach .6miles

· Gloucester: train station to Pavilion Beach .6miles (either Washington or down Dale to Fort past Chamber) Man at Wheel .45 miles

· Gloucester: train station to Stage Fort (2 beaches) .9 miles

o Gloucester: train station to Good Harbor 2.5 miles (45 minutes walking ); Gloucester parking lot spot to beach spot .3 miles!

· Rockport: train station to Rockport Beach .6 miles

· Ipswich: Cranes Beach 5.5 miles


Eric Halvorsen ehalvorsen@mapc.org www.mapc.org

Tom Daniel TDaniel@gloucester-ma.gov, Gloucester Community Development Director


Reimagining Railroad and Maplewood and … MEETING #2

Cat Ryan submits-

Reimagining Railroad and Maplewood and … MEETING #2

image009 (1)

Gloucester Community Development / Metropolitan Planning Area Council

Hey Joey,

Back in March, the City of Gloucester’s Community Development partnered with the Metropolitan Planning Area Council (MAPC) to host the first in a series of 3 discussions about Gloucester’s railroad station and the surrounding area.  As a reminder, these interactive meetings have an extra special focus on the Railroad and Maplewood Avenue and train station area. Our input will inform the process, and there’s funding lined up.

Residents, commuters, bikers, pedestrian walking—what do you think?

Please come for some preliminary findings and recommendations at the second meeting THIS COMING MONDAY June 23, 2014, from 6PM-8PM at Kyrouz Auditorium in City Hall.

For the Railroad discussions, send in ideas and comments and/or sign up for updates on any future meetings with:

Eric Halvorsen ehalvorsen@mapc.org

Gregg Cademartori gcademartori@gloucester-ma.gov


Reimagining Railroad Meeting at City Hall

Reimagining Railroad and Maplewood and …

Gloucester Community Development / Metropolitan Planning Area Council

Catt Ryan submits-

Hey Joey,

Last night, Community Development partnered with the Metropolitan Planning Area Council (MAPC) to host the first in a series of discussions about Gloucester’s railroad station and the surrounding area.  Along with all the other robust planning that is ever constant, this interactive meeting was an extra special focus on what transit oriented attention and development might mean for Gloucester. Gloucester Planning Director, Gregg Cademartori, gave a great introduction.

image002 (4)

Eric Halvorsen introduced the team from MAPC, which helps town generally within the wide swath of I-95. I met Eric last fall  at a MA Smart Growth event he was part of. It featured Fred Kent of Project for Public Space and one of our site walks that day considered spaces and transit areas at Harvard. Halvorsen explained that there are 280 or so transit stops in Massachusetts. He enthusiastically gushed, “They are precious and finite”– and therefore merit our attention. These transit hubs account for 5% of the geography of the state, and cover 37% of the jobs. The state considers Gloucester’s railroad station as an ‘urban gateway’, one of 10 types of transit stop categories they’ve identified in MA.  Salem, Beverly and Haverhill are other examples of this urban gateway category.

image001 (8)

The evening ended with three tables of break out discussions. Topics swirled, and questions prompted responses and exchanges. Connections to other areas downtown were mentioned, Gloucester’s past, and the railroad station area as a gateway. We wondered together what people thought it might be like soon and many, many years from now.  Creative ideas and similar words and phrases oscillated throughout Kyrouz like air-popped kernels: emphasis on sidewalks, signage, streets (Washington Street, Maplewood, Prospect, Railroad Avenue, Dale and Pleasant), seniors, bike rentals, safety, young families, terms such as “soft and hardscaping”, public space, shade, paving one side (like the HarborWalk), green energy, beach buggies, maker spaces, lighting, artists and other professionals, trees,  wayfinding, future businesses, pedicabs, mixed use, residences, single stories, design, the stores folks value now, the Jeff Weaver mural, the supermarket, Dunkin Donuts, the restaurants.

Community Development and MAPC will share results from these conversations and offer their take, research and observation. Our input will inform the process,  and there’s funding queued up.

There will be two more public meetings and they’re sure to be interesting … make sure you come if you can for the next ones, and for any that Community Development organizes.

For the Railroad discussions, send in ideas and comments and/or sign up for updates on any future meetings with:

Eric Halvorsen ehalvorsen@mapc.org

Gregg Cademartori gcademartori@gloucester-ma.gov


6pm tomorrow night City Hall focus on downtown



the game’s afoot: fun with urban planning

Hi Joey,

Ok. So Downtown. I know, Joey, you want more block parties among other stuff! What else everyone?? What’s on the table for you? Cycling? Parking? Arts?  Jobs?

We really hope there will be a good turn-out for tomorrow’s 6PM public meeting at City Hall to discuss thoughts on downtown. All of downtown. It’ll be a good chance for everybody to knock about what they like downtown, what they think could be better, and to listen to others’ views.

Busy? The next 2 meetings will be on August 20 and September 17.

Hate to speak in public? That’s ok, too. If you have a comment, question, idea, impression…bring it, send it! Even if it’s a repeat (squeaky wheel…just sayin’) Everyone can email anytime and have voice.

Email Tom Daniel, Community Development: TDaniel@gloucester-ma.gov

No city plan is an ultimate fixed anchor.  At any window in time, planning involves simultaneous sweeping aerials along with pockets of hyper focus. Responsible cities explore multiple scenarios and need to be adaptable and resilient– and try. Cities by nature are in flux. Gloucester tries! It has heart.

We’re lucky that Gloucester has had years of a dedicated and talented community development department including folks like Tom Daniel—the current Community Development Director who is orchestrating these evenings– and former Community Development Directors Sarah Garcia (now Harbor Planning Director), Dale Brown, and others, along with responsive teams including Marie Demick, Gregg Cademartori, Matt Coogan, Steve Winslow and so many more. Thanks so much for doing this work.

More info?

GDT editorial today http://www.gloucestertimes.com/opinion/x35808383/Editorial-Time-to-speak-up-regarding-city-downtowns-future

Mayor’s column http://www.gloucestertimes.com/opinion/x35807469/The-Mayors-Desk-Input-needed-for-downtowns-future

Lenny Linquata’s letter  http://www.gloucestertimes.com/letters/x2113333240/Letter-Private-sector-must-take-lead-on-waterfront-economy





CFTA hosts introduction meeting with Gloucester arts group and Gloucester ‘s new Community Development Director Tom Daniel

Catherine Ryan submits-

Hi Joey,

Tom Daniel is the Community Development Director for the City of Gloucester . His work is focused on continuing to support the vibrancy of Gloucester with its diverse economy and numerous amenities.

Since the arts are such an important component of Gloucester and community development, on April 4, 2013, the Gloucester Committee for the Arts hosted an open introduction meeting with Tom Daniel for a lunchtime meet and greet. Committee for the Arts Chair, Judith Hoglander, felt that this meeting would provide us with an opportunity to get to know Tom, and for him to better understand the importance of arts in Gloucester . It was wonderful!  Many who attended wore more than one hat,  so to speak, and have been engaged in several volunteer activities around town for many years. We are a lucky community. Among the folks present were artist Beth Williams, Cape Ann Artisans; Director of Cape Ann Museum Ronda Faloon; Ruth Mordecai, Artist and Director Goetemann Residency Program Director; Brenda Malloy, artist and Rocky Neck Art Colony; Jo Ann Castano, Arts Gloucester; Matthew Swift, Trident Gallery (to open soon on Main St.); Anne Robinson, seARTS and Cape Ann TV; Suzanne Gilbert, North Shore Arts Association; Susan Erony, artist, educator, Gloucester Writer’s Center; Marty Morgan, artist; Carol Gray, Director Sawyer Free; and members of the Committee for the Arts- Judith Hoglander, Dale Brown, Marcia Hart, Catherine Ryan and new member and artist Sinikka Nogelo.

We are so grateful that Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Library offered the Friend’s Room space for this gathering. We learned that Tom is originally from central MA, and that he loves arts and culture, and how both are conduits to broadly experiencing our community. He shared examples of his advocacy for the arts throughout his career with examples from Minneapolis , MN , and most recently Salem , MA . We look forward to more discussions.