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Kevin J Henry Fresh Flounder Filleting Photo Slide Show

click the picture for the slide show


You can also visit Kevin’s site here-


Kevin writes-

FISHERMEN – I see pride, determination and resignation in the photographs of these men. They are the "last of the independents" in Point Pleasant, NJ. As small commercial fishermen along the East Coast vanish, those that remain persevere and struggle to survive. A centuries old way of life that is rich with tradition and pride may soon be gone, victims of what may be the irreversible consolidation of the fleets. Their culture deserves respect and admiration. Those who work in this inherently dangerous trade are to be admired.
THE FUTURE? – A ghostly view of what may be the disappearing fishing fleets.

Dave Marciano Has Balls

Not too many people other than my favorite blogger Doug Maxfield that have the balls to write articles like the one Dave Marciano wrote in today’s GDT-

Letter: Coalition sector support now haunting fishermen

Click the link above to read what Dave has to say.  If what he says is true (and believe me I can’t even begin to understand how complex it all is) the way of life of the independent fishermen in Gloucester Ma will be lost forever within a generation.

i’m not sure how many people understand how sweeping the changes will be to our port but if it all is privatized the way it sounds like it’s going, go grab all the copies you can of John N Morris’ book Alone At Sea about the Schooners and Ron Gilson’s book about the waterfront An Island No More because the way of life as independent fishermen in Gloucester will be history and those two guys captured it in a real (non-romanticized way) better than anyone.

Chickity Check It! Doug Maxfield Speaks The Truth About Fishing

Unfortunately for the industry guys like Doug Maxfield don’t get book deals.  His truths and clear cutting of the bullshit that gets reported about commercial fishing for one reason or another gets ignored by major media and instead bananheads with very little real commercial fishing experience get anointed experts in the field.

In the current day and age when it is so fashionable to hop on the green train the general public and even worse- food writers buy into whatever crap the environmentalists label green or not green or safe or not safe and more often than not once one of these people say it’s so the rest of the  minions of loyal environmentalists fall right in behind them without ever doing real investigative work for themselves.

They ought to talk to guys like Doug or better yet read his blog- North Shore Waterman for the real deal.

Like the header for his blog? 


It’s from a picture I took.

Here is your warning-Doug is RAW.  If you are offended by sexual innuendo or harsh truths with extremely salty language about all things commercial fishing don’t bother going there.

But if you want to read about what is really going on in the fishing industry from a back man’s perspective check out Doug’s blog and make it part of your daily reading.

Here’s the first post that I’d suggest you read to further illustrate why I think Doug Maxfield should be the guy that gets the book deal-

get your soap box

So I’m on the crapper the other day, and with no other options within a step the width of my under-pants, I found myself flipping through the New Yorker.  Wouldn’t you know it I found an article about the tragic state of the worlds fisheries         (http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/books/2010/08/02/100802crbo_books_kolbert?currentPage=1).  Always interested in people’s take, I read it.  HOLY-SHIT.  Do people outside of the industry and the towns of New Bedford and Gloucester actually believe any of the tripe?

click the link to read the rest of his post

A Dragger’s Net Spread Out For Mending

Here is a dragger’s net spread out so that it can be worked on.  The orange balls act as floats at the top of the net as it gets towed through the water the boyancy of the orange balls keep the opening of the net as wide as possible to catch the most fish efficiently.  Along the bottom you see the rubber rollers which make up the bottom part of the net as it gets towed behind the boat.

In this post I explain how dragging works with arrows pointing out various parts of the net and how it all works- click here






Things To Do- Fish ‘n’ Fiction Event Feb 23

Fish ‘n’ Fiction
A new series hosted by the Phyllis A. Marine Association
Sawyer Free Library, Friend Room
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Suggested Donation of $5.00 per person
Captain Richard Arnold will lead an informal conversation on his personal experiences fishing on board the Phyllis A., out of Gloucester harbor from 1984-2000. Please come and join us with your own stories.
 This program benefits the Phyllis A. Marine Association who mission is, “to promote the history of gillnetting in Gloucester, Massachusetts through the display and preservation of the fishing vessel Phyllis A.” All conversations will be recorded for our oral history collection.
 Additional conversations will occur on the fourth Tuesday of each month.
We offloaded the Phyllis A back when we handled fish at our dock.  The Arnold Brothers were about as classy as you get not only on the waterfront but in humanity in general.  These men are role models believe me and to have the opportunity to hear the stories as told by Richard, well let’s just say it’s something that no one who loves the fishing industry should miss.

Plan B Herring Seiner

I got some video when dropping off some empty fish totes at Cape Seafoods yesterday.  Looks like the Plan B will be making its maiden voyage as a herring seiner soon.  Yesterday they were loading the net aboard.

Video at 1PM

Plan B Herring Seiner, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

2009 Festival T-shirt Design Contest

I caught this on FOB (friend of the blog) Craig’s Commercial-Fishing.org forum

I know lots of people that check out the site are designers and have love for working ports so I thought I’d pass this along-

http://www.workingwaterfrontfestival.org/ In New Bedford they are having a tshirt design contest-

The Working Waterfront Festival invites artists 16 years and older to submit a creative design for the 2009 Festival T-Shirt.  Designs should convey festival’s emphasis on the commercial fishing industry and the working port.  The winning entry will receive a $100 cash prize.  Entries must be emailed by or postmarked no later than May 29th.  The winning entry and designer will be announced at the June 11th AHA Night in Downtown New Bedford!  Applications can be downloaded from the festival’s web site: www.workingwaterfrontfestival.org.

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