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Chickity Check It! Plum Cove Grind’s Delicious Sandwiches

The sandwich I got was the second one down on the right.  It was freaking fantastic and my mouth is drooling right now just thinking about it as I type.

Plum Cove Grind

I stopped by “the Grind” last weekend while in Lanesville.  What a find this little joint is!

Plum Cove Grind is to Lanesville what Last Stop Variety is to East Gloucester.  I had one of the most delicious sandwiches I’ve ever eaten from here.  It was a tuna sandwich but it also had (I think) candied walnuts and cranberries)  not sure what else was in the sandwich but it was excellent!  I mean EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!

You just gotta try it.  It’s worth the ride.

Plum Cove Grind, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- Cape Ann Coffees

Where The Locals Go

Today’s Where The Locals Go coupon book spotlight is on Cape Ann Coffees in East Gloucester. The meeting place for Gloucester’s Old Guard of politicians, Cape Ann Coffees offers three coupons in the Where The Locals Go coupon book.
The first coupon is buy one coffee/espresso drink get one free. The second coupon is buy one sandwich or wrap and get the second one 50% off. The third is for free soup with a lunch order.
So if you used all three coupons you would essentially pay for the paltry cost of the coupon book ($10) and still have a ton of other coupons to use and save more money.

Where the Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- Lone Gull Coffeehouse

Where The Locals Go

In light of my coffee tipping rant yesterday I thought I’d share some love to another local coffee shop in todays Where The Locals Go coupon spotlight.

The Lone Gull Coffeehouse offers a free refill with the purchase of a travel mug. So there’s another $2 or more in savings from the $10 Where The Locals Go coupon book.

Just like The Pleasant Street Tea Co and Coffee Bar, The Lone Gull offers free Wi-Fi for your laptop.

The Lone Gull Coffeehouse

Coffee Tipping

Tip Jar

Does anyone remember when at the local Dunkin Donuts they had a little placard that stated “Tipping Not Allowed”? When did tipping for pouring black coffee became a common practice.

I’m a straight 20% or more tipper at a restaurant, but just don’t get tipping at a counter for coffee, especially when you’re simply getting a black cup of joe that you are expected to prepare yourself.

I don’t tip at a sub shop, I don’t tip when the guy fills my gas tank, I don’t tip when someone checks out my groceries, I don’t tip the person at McDonalds, Papa Ginos, Quiznos, KFC, Taco Hell, Burger King, or any other joint where the paid employee is serving me at a counter.

For service at a breakfast shop where I am seated the waitress/waiter gets the 20% plus and never less then 20% on the total bill including tax. I give whatever change I have under a quarter to the coffee counter tip jar, but still find it pretty ridiculous.

What really gets me is when there is a tip jar at Starbucks where they cringe at you if you ask them to put your cream and sweetener in. WTF dude, you just poured a cup of coffee FFS. You’re not clearing my table, bringing me refills, preparing my coffee a special way, bringing it out of the kitchen to where I am seated, or disposing my cup after I’m done! I’m taking the GD black coffee that you poured over to the station where I prepare it myself, and then leaving with the cup which I will dispose of myself. Oy!

The image at the top of the post is from this blog

Collectors Item- Stone Soup Cafe Mug

About 4 or 5 years ago you could buy Stone Soup Cafe coffee mugs at Stone Soup in Ipswich. My MIL liked them so much she bought a bunch.

When I dropped by to take pictures I asked if they had a mug handy for me to photograph for the blog but there was nary one to be found in the joint. My guess is that they are such cool mugs that over time one gets clipped here and there and before you know it there are no longer any mugs and the owners decide against putting them out. I hope that’s not the case but the cynic in me tells me that it is.

Last Stop Variety Bistro Tables

Last Stop Variety Bistro Tables, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

In the last couple years the emergence of Bistro Tables gives patrons the ability to congregate and enjoy the delicious coffee and home made treats from Last Stop Variety.

Creative dishes made on site make this East Gloucester convenience store so much more.

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