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Uhmmmm I’ll pass on the elephant poop coffee beans thank you very much

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a freak for coffee.  Can’t stand Dunkies but I don’t consider myself a coffee snob.  Pleasant Street, Lone Gull and Cape Ann Coffee all serve fantastic coffee.  McDonalds which I believe uses Green mountain coffee for a nice mild cup and we obviously can’t forget Gloucester based Glosta Joe’s fantastic Perfect Storm. 

My boy Toby Pett turned me on to this story about the most expensive coffee in the world-

From the Daily Mail Online-

One lump or poo: World’s most expensive coffee at £30 a cup made using beans digested and, er, flavoured by elephants

Forget robusta and arabica – this is the world’s most expensive coffee, given its unique flavour by…an elephant’s digestive tract.

The thought of a coffee bean passing through an elephant’s internal organs might not leave coffee-lovers overly enthused.

But the unique coffee, created in the hills of northern Thailand, is now the world’s most expensive variety.




The process is also labour-intensive, with the wives of elephant mahouts responsible for collecting the dung.

They break it open, pick out the coffee and, after a thorough washing, the coffee cherries are processed to extract the beans, which are then brought to a gourmet roaster in Bangkok.

Who in the world thinks of this?  Who sits there and says you know what?  I’m gonna feed these elephants that are hanging around here some coffee beans and then pick through their shit and take the elephant shit coffee beans and roast em up into the perfect world’s most expensive coffee beans?

Better yet who is the customer that says to themselves “Ooooo, elephant shit coffee beans?  Yes please!” 

Then can’t you just see it on the floor of the Chicago mercantile exchange bidding on elephant shit coffee bean futures in the pits?