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Saturday’s Clean up

clean up

Clean Gloucester and the One Hour at a Time Gang’s Saturday’s schedule


When:                  Saturday, May 9, 2015


Where:                 We can meet at the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial


Time:                    8:00 – 9:00


I have bags, hope to see all there on Saturday.



My hearfelt thanks to Lise Breen, Amy Kerr, and Leslie Heffron for all their fabulous hard work trimming, raking, sweeping, and removing tons of trash from the Gloucester HarborWalk Gardens. We finished more than half on Sunday!

The Friends of the HarborWalk will be back this coming Sunday, beginning at 9am. We’ll meet in front of the Gloucester House. Come lend a hand–its work, but fun with this growing great group of community-spirited friends. Everyone is welcome!

Please leave a comment in the comment section or feel free to contact me if you have any questions at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com.

Amy, Lise, and Leslie

HarborWalk CleanUpTwenty one bags and counting!

Gloucester Marine Debris Clean-Up Event


Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at Time Gang will be participating.

The One Hour at a Time will be heading to Niles Beach and Clean Gloucester will be in Rocky Neck.

2nd Gloucester Marine Debris Clean-Up Event

Saturday, April 25, 2015, 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Audience: all ages

The Rocky Neck & Harbortown Cultural Districts and Clean City Commission are reaching across the water on April 25, 2015 to support a clean Gloucester Harbor.  The Clean-Up will support the work of Rozalia Project to collect data on marine debris and to asses its impacts from the surface to the sea floor.

Cape Ann residents, students and visitors are encouraged to assist in cleaning various designated venues along Gloucester Harbor. The cleanup will include these sites: Maritime Gloucester~Rocky Neck Ave. Parking Lot~Horton Street-Ocean Alliance, ~Gordon Thomas Park (at the beginning of the State Fish Pier)~Stage Fort Park~Niles Beach

Volunteers meet at any of the cleanup sites at 9:45. All are welcome—great for all ages. Dress warmly, wear sturdy boots and bring your own gloves. Marine debris collected will be tallied back at Maritime Gloucester at 11:30 am where there will be food & refreshments. Contact Melanie Murray-Brown at Maritime Gloucester for more info: mmurray-brown@maritimegloucester.org.


Saturday’s Clean up

clean up

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang would like to invite you to volunteer for an hour on Saturday.

When:                 Saturday, April 18, 2015

Where:                Upper Main and Upper Roger’s Street

Time:                  8:00 am – 9:00 am

We can meet on Main Street near the Liquor Locker.

We have bags, please make sure you bring your gloves.  Look forward to seeing all.

Thank you




Saturday’s Clean Up

April 9, 2014 Rocky Neck boats

Hope everyone is doing well.

 Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang’s schedule

 Where:                 Rocky Neck Parking Lot

When:                  Saturday, April 4, 2015

Time:                    8:00 – 9:00


After the initial clean up, off to Horton Street for more clean up.  You may park at Ocean Alliance’s parking lot

 Hope to see everyone there.  Please check out Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang on Facebook.





 Thanks all



Clean up time

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang will be out cleaning on Saturday. Please Bring gloves, we will supply the bags.

When: Saturday March 28, 2015
Time: 8:00 -9:00
Where: St. Peter’s Square, Main Street and Rogers Street

There will be bags on my blue Mazda if some volunteers would like to come later.

Looking forward to seeing all. Thank you
1459118_657695407682203_4997561671184736113_n for GMG

Saturday Clean up

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang will be meeting at City Hall this Saturday morning at 8:00 am to clean up the neighborhood in preparation for the Middle Street Walk:  http://middlestreetwalk.org. A bonus, at 9:00 what we are finished, the UU Church will be open with coffee, pastries and crafts. Please bring your gloves, we will have bags.

Thanks all.
January 23, 2013 City Hall at as the sun is going down


Saturday’s Clean with Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang

There are three young people, 2 from Ipswich and one from Lynn, who have taken it upon themselves to uncover Gloucester’s historic Clark Cemetery from overgrowth that has buried it for years. They are about halfway through cutting back the brush and documenting the broken gravestones they find. It’s amazing when you see it. They’ve spent every Saturday all summer working on this, along with some goats who have the winter off. There is also an active party site with a fire pit and trash in the cemetery that we need to address.

So the plan is on Saturday November 15th from 8-9 am we will collect the trash and recycling and move as much of the cut brush as we can to the road for the DPW to collect and dump. City Councilmember Melissa Cox is going to organize a truck for pickup.

If you’ve never been to Clark Cemetery, it’s behind the First Parish Burial Ground on Centennial Ave on the left if you’re coming from the waterfront, on the right coming from Washington Street. When you see the old bridge you’re there. Park on the street on Centennial and walk through First Parish Burial Ground to the back. Bring gloves, pruners/loppers/tarps/rakes/chainsaw/brushcutters – any of these are helpful. There is an area of Japanese Knotweed that we will not be touching because it’s highly invasive. We will also not be touching the broken gravestones–there is training required in handling and repairing these.

Thank you all see you on Saturday.. Remember to bring gloves.

Saturdays’ Clean-up

Hello all:

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang would like to invite you to help out on Saturday at the following places.

When: Saturday November 1, 2014
Where: Dog Park from 8:00-11:00 or
Backyard Growers Program at Burnham’s Field, 8:30 – 2:30
Please bring gloves, rakes, shoves, etc.

You can choose which one fits into your schedule.

Thank you all

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang

Please come and join in fun:

When:           Saturday, October 25, 2014

Where:          Jodrey State pier

Time:            8:00 am -9:00 am

We will supply the bags, please bring gloves and a broom and pan if you would like.  Please meet us at the end of the pier.

Maybe we will the seal swimming by.

Thank youSeptember 24, 2014 Our Seal



Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang Schedule

It looks like Good Harbor Beach will be getting a clean-up this Saturday morning! Join us at 8 am at the footbridge to pick up your trash bag and in one hour we’ll have it clean. Thanks for your help!  Le us keep the beach beautiful.

We have bags but please remember to bring gloves.


Thank youJuly 22, 2014 Summer at Good Harbor Beach

Deej Viau Would Like a Little Earth Clean Up Help In Her Neighborhood

Deej submits yesterday early afternoon-

This is Gloucester Ave. across the street from the bowling alley up to Maplewood.  I’ve been yellow bagging it today and can’t put a dent in how bad it is.  I could stand still, not
move my feet and with my grabber, fill a yellow bag to the brim, move two
feet and do it again.

and an update from Deej last night-

I went back out tonight to another street one block over.  Again, unbelievable, adjacent to a building on Grove Street .  I’m plowing away and a little 8 year old named Jake comes out with his grabber.  He wants to help me.  My yellow bag is full and I was just about to go home but I couldn’t resist.  He ran in his house and got his own bag to share with me.  He asked me why people put trash on the ground and I had no good answer for him.  We chatted away about school and homework and reading books.  I told him thanks little pal and he asked if we could meet tomorrow.  I was so overwhelmed.  We parted but I got back into it a little further up the block and got over this broken fence.  Jake must have seen me and I see him coming back up the street with a huge wheel barrel.  We found so much more stuff, even a new hockey stick he asked if he could have.  What a great boy.  His parents should be proud.  I will write him a thank you note and get him a Friendly’s  gift card,  not because I think he should be rewarded but just because he is an awesome kid.  Nice end to a dirty day!

aaaand The 2012 GMG Gloucester Earth Day Live Blog Starts…NOW!

Just In- Alicia Cox from Mamie’s Kitchen just informed me that she will be supplying the peeps that come down the dock with a sheetpan full of the WORLD’S GREATEST COFFEE ROLLS!


Boom!  That just happened.  I suggest if you plan on coming down and volunteering with us that you get here right at 8 or Ed Collard is liable to pound down half the sheetpan and you might go without Winking smile

95 East Main St Captain Joe and Sons


We will be having coffee and donuts, giving away GMG Stickas and drawing names from our Earth Day Volunteers for some long sleeve GMG embroidered T Shirts and an embroidered GMG cap (donated by Paulie Walnuts) www.art-rocks.org. There will be an Art Rock hidden.  For our waterfront dockside cleanup.

Send in your volunteer pictures from around the city togoodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com I’ll be live blogging it all day long and we want to give recognition to all those folks that are making a difference today!



Melissa Cox is picking up the goodies and yellow bags along with the ones that Rose LoPiccolo dropped off.  Melissa is also bringing disposable gloves in case you don’t have any.

7:10AM Melissa and Bill Cox show up with first round of goodies for our volunteers-


7:20 Art Rock Is Hidden


Alice Gardner Shows Up


Alicia’s Cox’ Coffee rolls-


Karen Ristuben writes-

Hi Joey,
Here’s evidence that every day should be Earth Day.


We got 30 Bags, Pictured left to right Joey C, Melissa Cox, Bill Cox,Ed Collard, Alice Gardner and Kim Smith.

Alice Gardner did a fantastic job and picked up Cripple Cove Landing


Pictured- Bill Cox Who Found His First Art Rock


We are bringing the leftover coffee rolls, donuts and coffee to the Visitor’s Center at Stage Fort.  Great work team!  Thanks to Donna Ardizzoni and The One Hour at a Time Gang and Donna for dropping off water for the volunteers.  Thanks to our volunteers, thanks to Paulie Walnuts for donating the swag, thanks to Alicia Cox at Mamie’s Kitchen for the discounted coffee rolls, thanks to Rose LoPiccolo for her coordinating and Patti Amaral and the rest of the people all over the city and world who are pitching in to make this place we live a better place.

Alice Gardner’s Earth Day Photos from The Dock

Alice writes-


What a fun time we had! Thank you and Happy Anniversary!  Love that limited edition sticker.  The last pictures are of my Earth Day Flag.

Rose LoPiccolo and Patti Amaral With their Earth Day Clean Up Crew At Stage Fort Park


Earth Day Educational Material at Stage Fort Park


Earth Day Volunteer List


Fruits and Veggies Collected for The Open Door Food Pantry


Rose LoPiccolo Reports-

Hi Joey!

Glad to hear it was a success down on the dock!  I don’t have as many photos of different locations as I would like to have had.  I checked in at Stage Fort Park – and there was a group hard at work spreading mulch, not sure but i think it was the Rotary Club – I’ll double check that for you.  Then I got a call  from Laurel Tarantino asking if anyone was looking for a spot to clean – she was at the lower end of Essex Avenue  – the marsh stretch to Dunkin Donuts… so I decided to head down there to give her a had for a bit before I bounced around to check in with everyone,  I ended up staying there all morning and never went anywhere else!  While we were cleaning – A Hiltz truck stopped and took about 8 bags for us – we ended up picking up about 20 bags just from that little stretch!!!!

Thank you so much for all your help and I really love my cool GMG metalic sticker!!!!


A couple of late additions from Rose LoPiccolo

This just in from Bob Scola – he raked all of Pavilion Beach!!!


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