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Flashback Friday


Last Sunday afternoon I met two of my very best friends for lunch in Boston, a luxuriously fun four hour champagne lunch I should add. Claudia lives in Lexington with her family and Donna lives in Hollywood Hills with hers, and is in Massachusetts working on the Disney film The Finest Hours for another month or so. We are trying to cram as much time together as our work schedule’s allow. There was a great deal of wedding talk, with our daughter Liv’s pending June wending. I made both Claudia and Donna’s wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, and Claudia and I were bridesmaids in Donna’s wedding. Liv watched all the “bride fairy princesses”  coming and going for fittings and was the flower girl in several of our friend’s weddings. From that very early age she has been say, “You’re going to make my dress too Mom.” I’ll be dusting off my dressmaker’s form, drafting and draping when she is home for the holidays!

Above is a snapshot that my husband Tom took in front of our apartment on Comm. Ave of my best friends and I. We were trying on the samples of the very first spring collection that I designed. Donna is on the far right standing next to me. Claudia wasn’t there that day but I found this album cover that she modeled for her friends the Lemonheads.


Claudia Bermudez ~ Favorite Spanish Dishes Album Cover for the Lemonheads

See more Flashback Friday photos on my website, including my husband’s “selfies” from our wedding.  (We eloped; selfies are our only wedding photos!). I’m hoping to post more, if I ever have a few spare minutes.


Left to right: Gina Barrow, Kim Smith, Donna Casey, Kate Hines, Annie Dayton

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Film: My Daughter Liv and Max Getting Married

This beautiful film was sent to me by one of my dearest friends, Claudia, the filmmaker’s Mom. Her daughter Magdalena is currently studying film and poetry at Hampshire College in Amherst. She is very interested in recycled images and has transferred many of the family’s old super 8’s. Magda would have to speak about her intention but her Mom wonders if it was from her perspective of looking up at the “big kids.” She loved to toddle after Olivia! The music is from her band with her friend Cody; they are called Stolen Jars. Magda wrote many lyrics for the album and sings on many tracks. One piece was used in an iPad commercial this summer. Thank you Claudia and Magda for Sharing!

Beautiful Film Magdalena!

My note: That’s my daughter Liv “getting married.” I think this is film footage from one of our many friend and family wonderful get-togethers on Martha’s Vineyard, at the funnest and most welcoming home of Rosemary, who is the Mom of our other best friend, Donna.