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View Of The Helm of Clark Sandler’s Sea Farmer II

Here is a view inside the Pilot House of The Sea Farmer II, Clark Sandler’s Gloucester Dragger. Clark was featured on After The Catch series with the skippers of the boats on The Deadliest Catch such as Sig Hansen, John Hillstrand and Phil Harris. Video will be forthcoming.

The Deck Of Clark Sandler’s Sea Farmer II

Tonight at 10:00PM “After The Catch” will debut on The Discover Channel featuring the Captains of The Deadliest Catch alongside five fishermen from Gloucester’s fleet.

You can check out the episode guide here at Deadliest Reports

Clark Sandler The Captain of The Sea Farmer II is one of the Gloucester Captains featured on the program so either stay up for it or set your TIVO to record “After The Catch on The Discovery Channel tonight at 10:00PM

This is a picture of The Sea Farmer’s deck. You can go see the Sea Farmer II which is tied up at Cruiseport Gloucester alongside The Schooner Adventure. Then pop inside Cruiseport for their fantastic grilled eggplant sandwich with pesto,fresh mozzarella and roasted red peppers. Delish!