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Major League Soccer Ref CJ Morgante and Mark Ring Go Lobstering

While In Massachusetts To Officiate The New England Revolution vs LA Soccer Match CJ Morgante Goes Lobstering Out Of Gloucester For The Lobsterman Experience

Watch the match- CJ will be officiating between the New England Revolution and LA Saturday at 7:30PM

Major League Soccer Ref CJ Morgante In Town To Officiate The Revolution Match Goes Lobstering On The Stanley Thomas This Morning

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The last time CJ came to Boston to officiate a Revolution match was the third week of August in 2008 in which he went lobstering on four different of our lobster boats in 5 days-

You can read about CJ’s adventures as an Major League Soccer Ref Lobstering While In Town back in 2008 here

CJ Morgante- Day 5, The Final Day

CJ left yesterday at 5:30. Back to Pennsylvania after spending a week in Gloucester minus one night in Foxboro to referee the New England Revolution/DC United Soccer match.

He went lobstering the first day with Mike Tupper on the Freemantle Doctor.

The second day with Dave Jewell aboard The Lady J.

The third day with Mark and Matt Ring aboard the Stanley Thomas.

The fourth day with Tony Gross aboard the Sandollar.

The fifth and final day was spent with Mark and Matt again on the Stanley Thomas.

CJ has been to Haiti, Fiji and many other places around the world to referee major league soccer matches but he told us that he had the greatest experience right here in Gloucester. We had a good time and it was our pleasure to get to meet and hang out with CJ.
We wish him continued success in MLS and World Cup soccer. Hopefully he’ll be back next year to hang out again.

CJ Morgante Day Three Aboard The Stanley Thomas

Y’all may not believe this but CJ refereed the New England Revolution/DC United match last night at Foxboro, got done reviewed the game tape and then hopped in his car at 2:00AM to get to Gloucester to go fishing on his Fourth Boat this morning at 5:00AM.

He went out lobstering with Tony Gross this morning at 5:00AM aboard The Sandollar. We’ll have a report on how he is holding up when he gets in tonight. So far he has been an iron man.

Tony took four boxes of bait this morning, showing no mercy at all for CJ’s schedule. As long as Tony has unloaded here I don’t think he has ever taken four boxes of bait (the previous most amount of bait being three boxes).

CJ Morgante, Day Three Aboard The Stanley Thomas

Here’s CJ, and Matt pulling up to the dock after lobstering yesterday. It was CJ’s third day lobstering on three different lobster boats. He will be refereeing the New England Revolution vs DC United Major League Soccer Match tonight at 7:30. Be sure to check out the match and watch for CJ.

From The New england Revolution Website-

The New England Revolution will look to rebound from a difficult road loss to the San Jose Earthquakes and reclaim its position atop the Eastern Conference table when the club hosts bitter rival D.C. United at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 20, at Gillette Stadium.

The match will be televised regionally on TV38, while Cox3 in Rhode Island will simulcast TV38’s broadcast. Radio listeners will be able to catch the action on WRKO 680 AM. Following the match, the Revolution’s exclusive postgame show, “Revs Wrap,” will stream live on www.revolutionsoccer.net, and the show will also be archived on the site for future use.

Off Into The Dark

Early Morning.

Off to tend the gear goes Mark, Matt and CJ.  I’m looking forward to watching the New England Revolution/DC United game that CJ will be officiating Wednesday night.  From what I understand there will be serious playoff implications on the line.

Off Into The Dark, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

CJ Morgante Hops Aboard The Stanley Thomas 3 Days -3 Boats

Well it’s CJ’s third day and his third different lobster boat.

Today he heads out with Captain Mark Ring and First Mate and Deck Boss Matt Ring aboard The Stanley Thomas.

CJ Morgante Proudly Dons His Pratty’s After The Catch Shirt

Make sure you look for CJ on the field during the New England Revolution and DC United game

CJ Morgante Proudly Dons His Pratty’s After The Catch Shirt, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

CJ who will be refereeing tomorrow nights MLS game between The New England Revolution and DC United just had to go to Prattys.

Had To.

He went, had luinch and picked up this T Shirt from the Discovery Channel’s After The Catch. After The Catch was based on The Deadliest Catch program and the Captains from Alaska having round table discussions with Gloucester fishermen.

CJ Morgante- Day 2 Aboard The Lady J

Here’s CJ, once again hopping right in to offload the crates of lobsters.

He hasn’t once been afraid to get his hands dirty or dive right into something.  As a matter of fact he was so gung ho the first day he showed up he was helping to grade lobsters and after about an hour I saw his hands were all cut up.  I got him a pair of gloves immediately  but I have a hunch he wouldn’t have said a word about it and just toughed it out.

Great guy.

CJ Morgante- Day Two Aboard The Lady J

If you’ve been following along you know that CJ Morgante, Major League Soccer Referee asked for the real Lobsterman experience. Frank set him up on three different boats to go lobstering in three days. That’s pretty cool if you ask me for a boy from Pennsylvania with no ties to Gloucester to just roll up here and hop aboard the boats and get to it.

Day Two- Aboard The Lady J with Captain Dave Jewell and mate Goulart.

CJ Morgante- Day Two Aboard The Lady J, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Don’t forget to watch The New England Revolution match with DC United on Wednesday night.   CJ will be on the field.

CJ Morgante Prepares To Go Lobstering With The Freemantle Doctor

Here’s CJ Morgante, MLS soccer ref preparing to go lobstering for the day with Mike Tupper aboard The Freemantle Doctor.  Mike said he did pretty good banding the lobsters and kept up the pace which isn’t always the case with a greenhorn.

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