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City Hall Restoration photos taken 07-30-12

Copy and photos from Maggie Rosa

Today, on a beautiful summer’s morning, members of the City Hall Restoration Phase II Building Committee took to the staging to review the ongoing restoration.

We were impressed by what has been achieved recently.



The restored cornice work in the final color but waiting for the brickwork to be painted in the same color


Not many people can say that they have seen the bell from this angle and so close up


I love the "pixelated" look that the mesh gives the photo.


Approaching noon on July 30 2012


St Ann’s was shining brightly as was the repaired ventilator.


Love the reflections offered by the new copper-clad ventilator.


Another "pixelated" view


The big tower says to the smaller tower – I’m so pleased that you are receiving the good care that I received a few years ago.

Thank you, citizens of Gloucester.

Long may we look over you.


Couldn’t resist a self portrait!


Yet another shiny reflection

Update On City Hall Restoration and a Request For Photographer’s City Hall Photos from Maggie Rosa

Hi Joey

Can you post these photos that were recently taken of the restoration project of City Hall? As your site is so popular this is the best way to keep everybody informed as to the progress of the project.

The project has started in earnest but as the work being done is going on behind the green shrouding it’s not easy to detect the progress. These photos were taken of the small towers (ventilator towers) last week.

Craig Herrmann will be posting these photos on our website www.restoreourtower.com and we will be sending you more as we get them.

And I’d also like to invite people who are also taking photos to send them to me so that we can post them on the website as well as keeping a record of this project for posterity’s sake.