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Entries From The GMG Flickr Group

I somehow got sidetracked on the GMG Flickr Group and things have piled up.  Here are just some of teh amazing photos that have been added to the group in the past week.  To see the entire group click here for the Good Morning Gloucester Flickr Group.




Thomas Philbrook- Dawn At The Gazeebo

Thomas Writes-This gazebo lives on the western side of Front beach — our most popular little beach here in Rockport, MA.


Elinor Teele-Lane’s Cove




Hieclix-awesome sunset, gloucester ma


Cathy Tarr-Great Morning


Marty Luster

imageDeb Clarke-Little Mako

imageciabat AKA kevin


Celebrate Gloucester Pics From ciabat

Matty Rose in the Hizzy!

e40, originally uploaded by ciabat.

One of the Cape Pond Ice Coolest Mom Contest and All Around Outstanding Egg Erika Hansen and Hubby Dave
Judy Destino and GMG’s David Cox
David and The Host of the Evening- Mr Mark McDonough

 The Lovely Jen Amero

Kevin aka ciabat Represents!

Kevin from New Jersey who joined the GMG Flickr group and contributes fantastic fishing industry photos from Point Pleasant New Jersey drove up to say “Hey” and attend the GFAA fundraiser at Lat 43 last night.  Kevin takes outstanding photos and loves the fishing industry and everything to do with it.   Here he is in the office.  It’s an honor to have him part of the GMG team.


Plastic fish baskets submitted to The GMG Flickr Group by ciabat

These fish baskets are what are used by a majority of fishermen on deck as they sort all the different species and sizes of fish they catch.   They are much lighter and clean up alot nicer than the old galvanized wire baskets that they used up until about the mid eighties.

e72-1, originally uploaded by ciabat.

After a quick google search I found a company down in Memphis that still sells the 2 bushel wire baskets-
Amazingly they sell for $84 for the wire ones while the plastic ones were priced at $23.95


Colorful Industry pic submitted to The GMG Flickr Group Pool by ciabat

When HACCP regulations came into the seafood industry it made wood handled shovels not usable for food handling and the industry turned to plastic shovels rather than the old wood handled and aluminum shovels we used growing up.  These plastic shovels suck for chopping ice and you need to put at least two or three shovel fulls of ice in the smaller plastic shovels compared to the deep strong hard aluminum shovels we used to use that would hold much more ice.

e82, originally uploaded by ciabat.


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