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A Gentle Reminder: Holiday Card Season Is Upon Us

No Pressure But You Don’t want To Come Off With Some Generic Lamo Christmas Card This Year Do You?

Well the time is now to start planning. 

It isn’t enough to lug your kid/s to the mall and plop them down on the lap of that homeless alcoholic who plays Santa every year and pay the $30 bucks for a few 8x10s. 

In today’s world of competitive momming you gotta bring you’re A-Game.  You have to do something completely unique or let’s face it, you just don’t love your kids.  You’re a bad mom, a terrible mom.  Maybe the reason you’re lugging your kids to the mall is because you have a secret homeless alcoholic Santa fetish and while your kids are innocently sitting on homeless alcoholic Santas lap you’re thinking about getting all freaky during alcoholic homeless Santa’s coffee break.

Anyway, I digress.  If you want to avoid getting all caught up in your alcoholic homeless Santa fetish I suggest you get started on your beautiful children’s Christmas Cards immediately.

We go to Sona Revette’s Love and Life Cards

I did a video interview with Sona last year-

Sona can completely customize your Holiday Card so you don’t get cast off into the uncaring unloving mother pile of Moms who don’t go the extra mile for their children.

They are cheap and she donates dough to plant trees with every order.  So you can assuage your guilt about destroying the ozone with your aerosol cans of hairspray by rocking with Sonas Custom Holiday Cards as well.

Here’s a preview from Sona-

Holiday sneak peak!

The holiday season is upon us… well, almost! It is still October, but some of you very organized people (you know who you are) have already started thinking about holiday cards and have even put in a holiday order. You would think as a card designer, my cards would be done well ahead of time, but alas, I have no idea what my family holiday card will look like. The card design is so much fun for me, but getting just the right photo is another story! So instead of stressing about how I’ll ever get my kiddos to photographed, I’d rather have fun designing the perfect card for you and your family.

Below is a sneak peak of some of our 2012 holiday designs. We’re really excited to offer more designs this year!

Simple and stylish "Crafty Collage"

Say it all with "Joy and Love"

Show off your little elves with "Santa’s Little Helpers"

Three perfect photos? "May your days be Merry & Bright"

Classic Christmas "One Ornament"

Simple and elegant "Ball of Joy"

All of these new designs, and more, will be on the web site and ready to go by the first week in November, but of course if you’re ahead of the game, we can get started right away and as always, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on our web site, we will be happy to create a custom design to show off your beautiful family.