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Artist at Work: No Rest for the Weary

I met a friend for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks at Stone’s last night and headed back out into the cold to head home at 9:30.  The chill was just leaving my car as I turned off of Broadway and onto South Street in Rockport to climb the hill towards home.

There, on the side walk, was an artist at work.  My clock read 9:42 and my temperature gauge read a mere 36 degrees, but he was happily painting away.

I drove past him and hemmed and hawed a bit about whether to continue towards home or turn around and capture the moment…with no camera, but at least, my phone.  I saw him painting on that same corner last week and was mad at myself for not stopping.  I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

I’m glad I turned around.

Chris Coyne, of Coyne Fine Art, was in the midst of an already gorgeous painting…surely to be all that more stunning upon completion.  This evening he was painting The First Baptist Church of Rockport. Last week he was painting one of my favorite things about the holiday season, the Dock Square Christmas Tree. He was kind enough to show me the completed painting of our beautiful town tree. Nothing short of stunning!

I’ve always had an appreciation for Chris Coyne’s art, but after seeing him out in the cold late at night to capture the perfect moment in time…I have an entirely new appreciation.

Do yourself a favor and browse his work at Coyne Fine Art or on his Facebook Page

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Chris Coyne fine art

On one of my recent expeditions to Bearskin Neck I ventured into Chris Coyne’s gallery, “Chris Coyne Fine Art + Design“.

The entrance to his gallery at 37 Bearskin Neck

The painting in his window is almost identical to a photo I posted not long ago. He has good taste in subject matter…

My photo of the same subject:

Chris was kind enough to pose with his artwork, which is quite beautiful:

I really liked his painting of a Rockport landmark, Tuck’s. The façade seems to glow with its own light!

His work is offered at a wide range of sizes and prices. It’s worth stopping by for a visit, maybe for a last-minute Christmas shopping trip. According to his website, the gallery is “open year-round by chance or by appointment.”