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The Carls Represent! All Over The Carribean

Hi Joey,

It’s the Carl’s again, just wanted to share the fact we represented GMG all over the Caribbean last week. (Belize, Costa Maya Mexico, Cozumel Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, Honduras and On the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship)

You See This Is what I’m talking about .  This might be the greatest honeymoon album of all time!  Way To Go Carls!!!!!!

Da Sticka Makes It Onto Chip McKay and Carl Stratton’s Wedding Invitation!

Chip McKay Writes-

Hey Joey,

Me and my partner are getting married on 11-11-11 and we where doing  photo’s for are wedding invites and just had to incorporate your Good Morning Gloucester sticker in them. We love reading your blog every morning. hope you like the pics.

Thanks Chip McKay and Carl Stratton

good morning gloucester